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Defining 'Self': Part 3

Most of us do not realize the immense importance of the factor of 'choice', and we go through life mindlessly.

india Updated: Jan 27, 2004 17:31 IST

The baby is an individual from birth. From the coupling of chiaroscuro of the genes of its parents it moves into a new and therefore original interpretation of them, into a defined pattern. The child is not a prisoner of its inheritance; rather it holds this inheritance as a new creation from where its future actions will unfold. Man's propensity and thirst for adventure leads him into creating newer and newer arrangements and patterns of these genes.

The theme of 'boy meets girl' has been the preoccupation of the human since time immemorial. We tend to think of it as a sexual preoccupation that needs no explanation, and is a biological necessity. On the contrary this expresses our deepest yearnings of mating with the 'right' pool of genes, to carry on the lineage in an exquisite manner, thus making spiritual and carnal love inseparable. After all love's mysteries grow in the soul, yet the body is required to translate it into physical form.

But again, we are not a computer that follows down routines laid down at birth. We are a species, unlike other forms on Earth, who grow into a learning machine, the skills of which are the result of the direct choices we make each moment.

And each of these moments redefines the 'self' into whatever we have in mind. Most of us do not realize the immense importance of this factor of 'choice', and we go through life mindlessly. To live, and learn to redefine the self, is the Eternal Quest of the Spiritual Being.

When we look at a little baby, see the perfection of its miniature body, a sense of awe overwhelms the mind and we feel that even in a million years we could not have perfected this tiny body. Yet, it is actually much more then a million years that it took for evolution to perfect the body of man into its present form.

Could it not be the same for the 'self', which actually comprises the mind and the consciousness of the human, melding into a unique variant, who can define himself by saying I AM this person?

Think of the investment the human has made in our child brain. When we are born our heads are the largest part of us, the body being a small appendage to it. Yet a grown up man has a head which is about ten to fifteen times smaller than its body weight.

Have you realized that all cultures, however great, have limited the freedom of imagination of their young to cause this change in anthropometrical proportions? The Universal parental commandment was "You shall not question"! The crying need of this New Age is that the "questioning" mode be restored to every man woman and child, to return to that Eternal Question: WHO AM I?

This unique question in the mind is the embryonic stage of the real knowledge of Self!

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First Published: Jan 27, 2004 17:31 IST