Dirty politics

It is clear that politics in India has been criminalised and there is no honest effort to change the system.

india Updated: Nov 30, 2006 00:27 IST

With reference to the report Soren guilty, resigns from cabinet (November 29), nothing can be a bigger shame for Indian democracy than the fact that a person held guilty for murder has been holding on to a Union cabinet post for so long. It is clear that politics in India has been criminalised. There is no honest effort to change the system. The sad truth, it seems, is that no political party is capable of surviving without these elements.

Subhash C Agrawal


It will be good for Indian politics if Shibu Soren is given the strictest punishment. It is essential to weed out such culprits from our political system. All cases against corrupt politicians should be taken to their logical end in the shortest possible time.

Mani G Iyer

War on terrorism

This refers to the report PM rules out tougher terror laws (November 26). The security of the country is in jeopardy. Terrorist organisations have become active, evident from the regular bomb blasts at railway stations nowadays. The government is not taking any action. Ruling out tougher anti-terror laws is bound to prove costly for the nation.

DP Rawat


The Prime Minister’s statement that the country doesn’t need tougher laws to control militancy is surprising. The government should realise that it is necessary to tackle terrorism on a war footing. It is best to show urgency on this matter that involves national security.

Tarlok Singh

Dismal show

Greg Chappell may have been a good cricketer, but he has proved unlucky for India. Under his charge, India has lost 10 out of 13 ODIs. His experiments have shattered the morale of the team. We need a new coach. The earlier the better, since the World Cup is not far off.

SK Khanna
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First Published: Nov 30, 2006 00:27 IST