'Disclaimer subverts Da Vinci's value'

Director Ron Howard said that such comments at the beginning of a film actually undermines its value.

india Updated: May 19, 2006 14:25 IST

Asserting that disclaimers undermined the entertainment value of any mystery thriller, The Da Vinci Code director Ron Howard said that he always resisted the idea of movies being shown along with such comments.

"I don't know what the disclaimer is. I have resisted disclaimers because this is a work of fiction and entertainment," Howard said.

He said, "I just feel, if the beginning of any sort of mystery thriller says 'Comment on the reality of the story', you are surely undermining some of the entertainment value. Adult movie audiences are really underestimated."

Several Christian organisations in the country protested the release of The Da Vinci Code, based on the novel by Dan Brown, which is woven around the premise that Jesus had married Mary Magdalene and fathered her children, saying that it was blasphemous and hurt the religious sentiments of the community.

The groups agreed for the release of the film, starring Tom Hanks, after it was decided that it would carry a disclaimer stating that it was a work of fiction and along with an 'A' certification.

First Published: May 19, 2006 14:25 IST