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Do you fall for bad boys?

Find bad boys attractive and nice ones boring? Take this test to know if you suffer from the bad boy syndrome

india Updated: Jun 30, 2012 00:46 IST
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma
Hindustan Times

Find bad boys attractive and nice ones boring? Take this test to know if you suffer from the bad boy syndrome

For each statement, choose one option, based on how you or your partner think and behave across

1 Whenever you meet a guy who had a messed up childhood, you:

A. Feel sorry for him and become friends with him
B. Can’t stop feeling sorry and turn into a saviour
C. Are touched and evaluate whether you can be of some help

2 Your sexual fantasies revolve around:

A. Dominance and submission
B. Are too assorted
C. Your partner

Pulkit Sharma, psychologist

On a weekend your partner generally prefers:

A. Getting drunk till he is down for the count
B. Having sex with you whether you want it or not
C. Do something which is mutually pleasurable

4 You think about yourself:

A. You are a wonderful person and deserve to be loved
B. You have many flaws and pine for someone’s attention
C. You are cool and others find you attractive

5 The guys you fall for:

A. Stay reliably in touch with you
B. Are often too busy to take your call or send SMS
C. Blow hot and cold when it comes to communication

6 When it comes to your rights:

A. You have a clear idea and are able to stand up when challenged
B. You are scared to demand
C. You stay confused

7 You look for guys who offer:

A. Speed, excitement and fun
B. Stability
C. Well, anything

8 Your guy loses his temper:

A. At the drop of a hat
B. When there is a lot of provocation
C. Whenever his needs are not met

9 When a relationship gets surly, you:

A. Call it quits
B. Give it a last try
C. Hold on to it with faith that things will change

10 People close to you say:

A. You act differently when your partner is around
B. Your partner makes you very comfortable
C. Your life is at stake in your relationship


1) A=2, B=3, C=1
2) A=3, B=2, C=1
3) A=3, B=2, C=1
4) A=1, B=3, C=2
5) A=1, B=3, C=2
6) A=1, B=2, C=3
7) A=2, B=1, C=3
8) A=3, B=1, C=2
9) A=1, B=2, C=3
10) A=2, B=1, C=3

What does your score say:

Between 10 - 15: You are stable and grounded enough to pick up a guy who loves you, respects you and fulfills your needs. You have a great deal of self-confidence and healthy self-love. This allows you to stand up for your rights and acts as a shield against exploitative relationships.

Between 16- 30: You have low self-esteem and suffer from guilt and fear. This makes you an easy prey for bad boys. You tend to choose men who are unreliable and exploitative. Either you are after the zing that they offer or it is hard for you to be in a good relationship. Despite being in a bad relationship, it is difficult for you to give it up. Deep down you feel that you do not deserve love and respect. Work on your sense of self. Once you feel good and strong about yourself, you would be able to deal with your bad boy.

First Published: Jun 29, 2012 16:52 IST