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DU guys looking for first impressions!

With freshers making a beeline for colleges soon, every guy is looking to make a smashing first impression. Rahul Sabharwal shares some quickie grooming tips.
Hindustan Times | By Rahul Sabharwal, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUN 25, 2009 12:57 PM IST

With freshers making a beeline for colleges soon, every guy is looking to make a smashing first impression. Rahul Sabharwal spoke with experts on how guys who’re fresh into the campus scene can look slick and groovy. Here’s what they had to say.

Hair’s the trick
Hairstylist Jawed Habib says, “Fresh out of school, the first year is the wildest phase of a student’s life. This phase should be reflected in wild and unkempt hairstyles with the use of loud colours.”

According to beauty expert Samantha Kochhar, “a short Mohawk is the most fashionable thing this season.” She adds that “blonde streaks are [a] big no-no for guys”, who should instead “play with the edges of the hair strands with light colours like pink and purple.”

Beauty expert Ambika Pillai suggests going in for “a low maintenance hairdo which one can just wash and wear. “Don’t go in for something extreme, but instead keep it short, neat and simple,” she says. As for caps and hats, Pillai has a simple answer: “Forget it!”

Face it
Kochhar recommends playing around with various styles when it comes to one’s beard, but avoiding long beards. “For a cleaner shave, always put a moisturiser before shaving. Also use sun block not just on your face but also your neck,” she adds.

Ambika Pillai recommends religiously following basic skin care routines and using a good skin cleanser to avoid pimples. “Avoid a stubble or a haggard look,” she adds. Habib suggests regular application of a good moisturiser for a healthy skin. Habib feels that “a 2-day-old beard looks best on guys.”

Grooming expert Mehar Bhasin says sporting glasses, even if they’re zero power ones, adds on to the cool quotient. “People with round faces should keep sharper beards and sideburns while those with longer faces should go in for a french beard,” she says.

Quick tips
According to Bhasin, guys must smell as good as they look. “You must use the best deodorants and perfumes to smell amazing… women like men who smell fresh and good.” Maintaining your nails is another essential. “Keep your nails clipped, clean and in good shape,” recommends Pillai.

As for the problem of dirty knees and elbows, Kochhar suggests: “Run lemon on your knees and elbows, leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse it off.” As for footwear, she advises against the tapering ‘elf shoes’ and suggests fancy chappals.

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