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Eastward Ho!

More and more men from the West are advertising online for Indian brides, informs Girija Duggal.
Hindustan Times | By Girija Duggal
UPDATED ON APR 11, 2008 02:59 PM IST

Rob, a 38-year-old from Washington DC, has advertised for an Indian lady love on "I'm looking for a beautiful woman from India," he says in the advertisement. He's not the only one. Another ad is from a 32-year-old from California on the lookout for a "beautiful dark-haired Indian princess".

Men from America, Canada, Switzerland and Italy (to name a few) seem to be increasingly on the lookout for Indian wives, and they are all turning to the internet to advertise. But what are the reasons behind Occidental man's search for an Indian wife?

Some profess a natural inclination towards the stereotypical image of an Indian woman. "They are, in my eyes, the only real women," says Charles, an advertiser "They excite a certain passion that I've not experienced with any of the others. The colour and texture of their skin, the silkiness of their hair, the way an Indian woman moves like a woman..." Charles is not alone.

An anonymous 40-year-old from California says he is "mostly attracted to women who have a darker complexion and are built like a woman." Top of the list for hi though, is "a naturally-submissive Indian woman". Romantic idealisation aside, another factor seems to be an interest in Indian culture. "I want a woman with good values, unlike most American women," writes a 31-year-old businessman from Atlanta, on

Rob says that cultural interest is one of his reasons, too. Just one, though. His ad reads, "I'm a United States man seeking a wealthy woman to provide me $ 50,000 to purchase the land I need. In exchange for this, I will marry her and bring her to the US." When contacted, he says "I'm not doing this for just the money... Indian women have a curious beauty that I've not seen in another culture."

Others are more straightforward, like 31-year-old Tony from Canada. He tells us that his motive is purely financial - to help him open a restaurant.

In exchange, the woman he marries will get Canadian citizenship. "And yes," he continues, "it doesn't hurt that I find them (Indian women) the most beautiful on the planet. Love sure doesn't come for free anymore, it seems.

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