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Elections and Exams

The constant rescheduling of exams at universities scheduled to be used as polling stations has cast a shadow over possible participation in the Lok Sabha polls

india Updated: Apr 06, 2009 15:02 IST

Its that time of the year again... Parents disconnect cable connections, internet connections, stop all sort of entertainment activity and Photostat shops are crowded with students making last minutes copies of notes that they did not take throughout the year. And this is because its exam time.

While the CBSE and ISC board exams have started, it doesn't really have a bearing on elections, as candidates for these exams are not eligible to vote. But what about university examinations? By now, the timetable/datesheet should have come out at the Delhi University. This time, however, there is slight confusion regarding when exams will be held, because election dates may clash with exam dates and some of the colleges are being used as polling booths.

Everyday, there are messages flying around regarding the timetable, each showing different dates for different subjects. The websites have no notifications, and teachers have no clue, leaving students in the lurch. It only leads to more anger and frustration and against whom? Elections and politicians. Students are becoming increasingly anxious, which is not helped by the rumors that are going around practically every 6 hours. They are beginning to form a sense of dissatisfaction with elections, which is a bad sign, as they may prefer not to go out and vote.

The youth are said to play a big role in this years elections. However this clash of exams and polls will show what mattered more to them. A few extra marks or their vote in the election. While the youth are very charged up and are excited about voting, would a clash with examinations, dampen their spirits? Would they choose to further their own future, or still go out and vote to shape our country's future? It's a matter of how one sets priorities. If one is able to bear the exam pressure, then will he go out and vote? It would be useless to try and make those people vote who don't care , but will it also be an uphill task to get young people who are interested in the elections but also under exam pressure to go out and vote? Or would this be an issue only with a few people, for whom only exams matter? Or is a problem with the scheduling of elections or the exam timetable (which we are hoping, will come out soon)? These are trends that are yet to be observed, and only post elections will we come to know what mattered the most.

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First Published: Apr 01, 2009 16:08 IST