Exam cracked, SI jumps ranks

Delhi Police Sub-Inspector Kumar Pranav can?t believe what he has just achieved.

india Updated: May 09, 2006 02:01 IST

Delhi Police Sub-Inspector Kumar Pranav can’t believe what he has just achieved. In his third attempt, Pranav cracked the exam, has got into the elite Indian Police Service and jumped three ranks with it.

From an SI, Pranav will become an officer of the assistant commissioner rank after his training.

In the normal course, it would have taken him at least a lifetime to get to that post.A bit like Aladdin’s story, Pranav’s genie has been ambition and perseverance.

Surely, he will have to adjust to a lot in the coming days. For one, he will outrank his immediate boss as soon as he gets his new appointment.

But Pranav is more concerned with reforms at this point. “The first thing on my agenda will be to improve work conditions for sub-inspectors in the police force. There should be division of labour and expertise, which the present system does not support,” he says.

“The same policeman is expected to maintain law and order, investigate criminal cases, make court appearances and, also, control traffic. Expertise has no definitive meaning in the police books,” says 31-year-old Pranav. Unlike most IPS officers, he will definitely know the problems from ground level, an advantage lacked by officers who start from the top.

The journey so far has not been an easy one for Pranav. Not all were enthusiastic about his unlikely ambition. But he fondly remembers one DCP from three years back who had encouraged him in his mission.

Presently he is the “clothing in-charge” at DP’s Provision and Logistic Department. SI Pranav had enrolled in Drishti Coaching institute three years ago.

“My teachers Vikas and Sriram helped me realise my dream,” he says. But the alchemy of success seems to have been sheer diligence. His dedication was inspiring,” recalls Drishti’s director Vikas Divyakriti.

First Published: May 09, 2006 02:01 IST