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West Delhi schools also keep parents in mind while educating the child

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4 Providing happy environment
Bal Bharati Public School was established by the Child Education Society and is spread across almost four acres. The school has a huge playground and a well-stocked library. The teachers at the school attend a wide variety of workshops, ranging from creative and dramatic approach to learning to risk behaviour management.

“We provide a happy environment to children and teachers at the school,” said Suruchi Gandhi, principal of the school. “In fact, we take pride in being a happy school.”

Students of the school are part of various clubs ranging from the usual literary club and dramatics club, to the newer sudoku club and community outreach club. The school also conducts regular programmes in collaboration with international institutions to inspire students to learn more about issues worldwide and appreciate global diversity.

“We have incorporated lot of internationalism in our curriculum and organise regular video-conferences with schools in countries such as US and France to help our children connect with their counterparts across the globe,” said Gandhi.

The school insists on parental participation and has an active parent-teacher body, which meets regularly and also helps in organising various school functions such as the annual day, the spring carnival and the sports day.

Bal Bharti, Dwarka
Board: CBSE
Phone: 011-28031970
Nursery cost: R33,000
Average number of students in a section: 46
Number of KG admits: 184
Total number of students: 2,471
Total number of fulltime teachers: 97

4 Comprehensive teaching
This school is probably the youngest school to be ranked, and has very efficiently carved a niche for itself in the field of academics and sports. Venkateshwar International School was established by the Sri Venkateshwar Education Society in the year 2001.

Built on four acres of land, the school has three playgrounds and ample facilities for sports, which is a prime focus of the school.

“We lay strong emphasis on sports and have national level swimmers and gold medalists in our school,” said Mrinalini Kaura, principal of the school. “What sets our school apart from others is the perfect amalgamation of modernity and culture at our school.

The school has an extremely concerned staff, which ensures that all the emotional needs of the children are met with. This is evident from the fact that they’ve scored the maximum in the category of individual attention to students. The innovative teaching methods combined with the latest infrastructure facilities help in a comprehensive teaching and learning environment.

The school also invests a lot in teacher training workshops and conducts regular training programmes to hone the skills of teachers.

“We choose to counsel our children, rather than disciplining them, as I feel discipline comes from within”, Kaura said.

Venkateshwar INTNL
Board: CBSE
Website: www.vis10dwarka.com
Phone: 011-43180800
Nursery cost: R43,000
Average number of students in a section: Class KG to 5 — 30, Class 6 to 8 — 36 and Class 11 to 12 — 38
Number of KG admits: 200
Total number of students: 2448
Total number of fulltime teachers: 120

6 Knowledge, reasonably priced
Established in 1982 with around 400 students, this school has now grown to have more than 4000 students. DAV is known for its excellent academic record, with consistent, good results over the years. It has in fact topped the list in the field of academic rigour. “Ours is a three decade old school and I’m glad that I’ve been associated with it from its inception”, says Nikita Chakra, principal of the school. Being reasonably priced, the school has students from all economic backgrounds, freely interacting with one another.

The school is built over almost four acres of land, has a huge playground and various laboratories and clubs. Teachers of the school come up with various innovative and interesting methods of teaching in order to keep the child constantly engaged.

“We lay a lot of stress on values and discipline. Over the years I’ve found that the discipline levels have come down in children and we’re trying our best to bring it back up.”

The school conducts regular teacher training workshops and has two full time guidance counsellors.

Veda Vyasa DAV Public
Board: CBSE
Website: www.vvdav.ac.in
Phone: 011-28535594/ 28532292/28533697
Nursery cost: R22,980
Average number of students in a section: 40
Number of KG admits: 200
Total number of students: 3,863
Total number of fulltime teachers: 167

7 Making the best for children
Run by the St Mark’s Christian Educational Society, the school was established in the year 1990 and very soon made name for itself in the field of academics and extra-curricular activities. Spread across more than four acres, the school has a huge playground and an extremely well stocked library with almost 40,000 books.

The teachers are extremely competent and the school invests greatly in various teacher training workshops.

St Mark’s also has full time professional counsellors to help students deal with various personal and career-related issues.

What makes this school special?

“I feel we go that extra mile,” said Anjali Agarwal, the founder principal of the school. The school uses the right amount of technology and knowledge to make the best of their children.
“My faculty is the best and can hold its own even among the more popular, better known schools of Delhi. There is a wonderful relationship between the teachers and students, which has helped develop a conducive environment for work and play at the school,” Agarwal said.

St. Mark’s has a number of clubs and societies, which are extremely popular among the students. The Eco club is very popular and educates the children on the importance of conservation of the environment. “We have a paper recycling plant, an aero-composting plant and medicinal gardens,” adds Agarwal.

St. Mark’s Public School
Board: CBSE
Website: www.saintmarksschool.com
Phone: 011-25262056/25289131
Nursery cost: R26,050
Average number of students in a section: 42
Number of Class 1 admits: 300
Total number of students: 3,819
Total number of fulltime teachers: 103

7 Beyond formal schooling
Built on four acres of land, the school is one of three Indraprastha schools. The school building is fully air-conditioned and the school also has three playgrounds. Indraprastha World School adopts a modern system of education, in which concepts are taught through different ways of play, using clay modelling, origami, sand play and painting. Indraprastha has a good extra-curricular record, with students having won competitions at the state, national and international level.

The school has full-time counsellors who help students overcome their fears and insecurities. It also has a well-equipped library with broadband connectivity that offers a special learning package for integrating teaching-learning process. The school endeavours to impart education that goes beyond the parameters of formal schooling and prepares its children to face the realities of life and secure their rightful place in the modern world. The school has entered into a partnership with the United Kingdom in UKIERI project, and is likely to be engaged in more education partnerships with Hong Kong and Singapore in the near future.

Indraprastha World
Board: CBSE
Website: NA
Phone: 011-25256985/25258210
Nursery cost: R40,120
Average number of students in a section: 36
Total number of students: 1,273
Total number of fulltime teachers: 78

9 Your neighbourhood school
Known as the neighbourhood school, Mira Model welcomes students from all walks of life, providing equal opportunity for each and every one of them. Catering to the middle-income group, the school has a reasonable fee structure. The school building has been designed keeping in view the latest ultra modern requirements and thus, has provisions for fire fighting, rainwater harvesting and sewerage and waste water treatment.

The school has an open house with parents every Saturday, which gives parents an opportunity to interact with the teachers on a regular basis.

Mira Model also invests on teacher training, conducting regular workshops for them, including global training/partnership programmes. The school, which does not have exams for classes I to V, is big on rock climbing. The school is accredited with ISO 9001-2000 as well as ISO 1401-1996 certified institutions. They also conduct regular mentoring programmes for the students of class 11 and 12 and regular community outreach programmes, to sensitise the students to their surroundings.

Mira Model Sr Sec
Board: CBSE
Website: www.miramodelschooldelhi.com
Phone: 011-25500489
Nursery cost: R24,180
Average number of students in a section: 45
Total number of students: 2,268
Total number of fulltime teachers: 81

10 Great, affordable education
The school was inaugurated in April 2001 and is managed by the NK Bagrodia Charitable Trust. In a short span, the school has managed to make a name for itself and has become a strong competitor for other schools in the region. The school caters to the middle class income group, providing educational excellence at an affordable price. “When I came in 2002, there were only 37 students, and now we have more than 2,000 students,” said Rajee Kumar, principal of the school.

Spread across four acres of land, the school has two playgrounds and a reasonably stocked library. “We provide the best infrastructure at an affordable price and strive to improve with each passing year,” adds Kumar.

The school focuses equally on academics and extra-curricular activities and has an extremely strong hockey team. It also plans to add smart classes by next year and start a computerised resource centre in keeping with the rising demands of time and technology.

To keep the children constantly engaged, regular inter-class and intra-class competitions are conducted. The school also organises different ‘weeks’, to educate the children and make them aware of their surroundings.

NK Bagrodia, Dwarka
Board: CBSE
Phone: 011-25087511
Nursery cost: R25,600
Average number of students in a section: 40
Number of KG admits: 180
Total number of students: 2003
Total number of fulltime teachers: 65

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