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Flavour of the year: feature-rich cameras

Digital Camera Companies are loading their products with enhanced imaging features without making the devices complicated to use,reports Ruchi Hajela.
Hindustan Times | By Ruchi Hajela, New Delhi
UPDATED ON APR 09, 2008 10:24 PM IST

When it comes to digital cameras, the battle of the megapixels is a passé. Companies are loading their products with enhanced imaging features that allow them to get as close to professional photography without making the devices complicated to use. “The megapixel race has to come to a halt and at some point all companies would be at par when it comes to technology,” Aarti Gahlaut, Assistant Manager, Peripheral Research Group, IDC India told

Hindustan Times

. “Features such as higher optical zoom, anti shake and face detection will be common this year,” said Gahlaut.

Canon India has launched eight digital cameras and five video cameras. The digital cameras are equipped with features like motion detection technology which pre-empts blurred pictures even if the subject is moving. Then there are other features that allow the user to focus on one particular subject from out of many or even detect a person’s expressions from a distance.

Also, some of these cameras have an optical zoom higher than 3x, which is the standard at present. Optical zoom refers to zoom lenses, while digital zoom magnifies the image digitally.

“Smaller and sleeker lightweight cameras, bigger screens, faster processors will be popular this year,” Alok Bharadwaj, vice president, Canon India said.

According to IDC India’s estimates, the organised digital camera market in India is about 6,35,659 units and that of camcorder is about 2,23,000 – 3,35,000 units. Sony leads in the camcorder segment with about a 62 per cent market share followed by Samsung (9 per cent). Canon leads the digital camera market space with a 24 per cent market share followed by Sony (22 per cent).

“The form factor is becoming slimmer, colour is in and a growing demand from younger consumers is driving the demand for these digital products,” Ravinder Zutshi, deputy managing director, Samsung India said. The Korean player recently introduced its range of feature-rich digital cameras priced between Rs 5,990 to Rs 18,990. Sony India plans to launch a new range of imaging devices next month.

Among camcorders, sleek devices with flash memory are the latest trend. Samsung and Canon have introduced products in the category. Flash memory does not need power to record information unlike tapes. This means flash-memory-based camcorders have longer battery life.

Canon plans to invest about $4 billion (Rs 16,000 crore) in research and development globally while Samsung invests about seven to eight per cent of the company’s global turnover in the same.

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