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Govt must correct basic salary structure: paper

This should cheer up the millions in babudom disappointed by the Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations, reports Aloke Tikku.
Hindustan Times | By Aloke Tikku, New Delhi
UPDATED ON APR 18, 2008 02:55 AM IST

This should cheer up the millions in babudom disappointed by the Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations.

A paper set to be discussed at next week's brainstorming session of bureaucrats from across the country suggests the government’s pay structure — even after implementation of the pay panel’s recommendations — will not attract the best talent at the entry level. “The civil service is still carrying some of the baggage of colonialism and socialism,” the theme paper — to be discussed at panel discussions to mark Civil Service Day on Monday — notes.

Discussions centered on recruitment in the civil services, performance appraisal and readiness of the bureaucracy to meet challenges will succeed a short function to be attended by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The paper concedes that the entry-level salary of an executive in a multi-national corporation is much higher than what the government presently offers. “It is therefore imperative to look at the basic framework of the salary structure which has still not been addressed by various pay commissions including the Sixth CPC,” the paper, advocating that the government be an employer of choice to make the civil service attractive, says.

The government had referred the panel’s recommendations to a committee of secretaries, to identify recommendations that are implementable. The tricky issues would later go to a group of ministers.

The Sixth Pay Commission had raised expectations within the bureaucracy that it would recommend a pay package for them that matches private sector salaries. But when it submitted its report, there was disappointment among government employees.

BJP for interim relief

The BJP's deputy leader in Lok Sabha VK Malhotra pressed for interim relief for central government employees in view of the pay panel’s recommendations. “With increasing prices of commodities, government should urgently announce interim relief for central government employees with effect from January 2006,” he said. He said around 98 per cent of employees were unhappy with the recommendations.

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