Green Room secrets!
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Green Room secrets!

With Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week kicking off, the green room will witness the fabric-fantasies of many couturiers.

india Updated: Sep 02, 2006 10:47 IST

Ever got intrigued by the phrase 'green room'? With Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week kicking off in Delhi, the green room will witness the fabric-fantasies of many couturiers.

But why do we call it green room? Originally, the term referred to an off-stage room in a theatre where actors could rest while they were waiting for their cues. And it is suggested that the room was painted green to rest the actors' eyes after exposure to bright stage lighting. Well the origins could be obscure, but this place gives the models a break in the real sense. From resting aching ankles to massaging hyperactive nerves, grabbing some quick grub and few minutes of rejuvenating nap, they do it all. It is one place where the in-between-show chit chats ranging from clothes to movies happen among the models.

"It's nice to be there and meet up with your old friends. On ramp, like any other profession we work in a serious mode, but in the green room we give us a breather," says model Mridula. While Kanwal Gill insists that female models can fag away their fatigue and kill appetite, male models can't do it because of their restrictive training sessions. "We are advised by our trainers not to light up to maintain the masculine look," he says.

These changing rooms can be a muddle too sometimes with different accessories and make up being all mixed up. "With only about three hours between the shows, it is sometimes tough to catch a breath," says Sucheta Sharma. She insists that it's not a mere change of the outfit, but the whole make-up and hairdo. "Though we all have one helper each, but re-applying make up from the base to creating flamboyant hairstyles, it becomes a roller-coaster ride, leaving only about few minutes to snack and rest," she says.

But some models wind up the show with unpleasant memories of the green room, courtesy - thefts and material losses. For instance Nethra Raghuram who recalls losing two cellphones in such fashion fiestas is planning to be more careful. Though she says that it could happen to anyone anywhere, a little caution with your belongings is a must. Sucheta also makes sure to give her personal items to her attendant before embarking on the show.

This is also the place where the last moment reality checks are done to check any wardrobe disorders. No tissue papers sticking out of your hemlines and no hooks craving to be undone. Mridula says that she makes sure that all the pins are done to perfection leaving zero scope for stage bloopers.

With a divide in the fashion fraternity, the models just hope that it all sails smoothly this time too.

First Published: Aug 26, 2006 17:00 IST