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Have you bitched lately?

When was the last time you felt someone who often gives you the creeps was badmouthing you? Let's use it guys, the word's called 'BITCHING', writes Pinky Nigam. Your take

india Updated: Jun 14, 2006 15:35 IST

When was the last time you felt someone who often gives you the creeps was badmouthing you? When was the last time you badmouthed the person back?

Okay, so when was the last time you were with your gang discussing the weird behavior of one of the girls you know? Let's use it guys, the word's called 'BITCHING'! And let's be honest, we all end up doing it even when we're trying hard to avoid it!

So, is 'Bitching' really bad? You know the other day, I was at my friend's place and this newly introduced acquaintance just walks up and comments on how 'out' she thinks my boots are and what I end up doing is obviously drag my trustee to one corner and let out just how snobbish I thought she was. So people, was I bitching? Maybe. But it surely wasn't wrong now was it! If someone probably read this and came back to me questioning, I'd say, dude she asked for it!

So now, coming back to your lives, be it work place [where I'm sure it happens all the time - in whispers or in hushed tones, it's all about how unfit you think the person is for the job that she's doing, right?] or be it college where bitching, gossiping is quite respected you know, if one bitches she's proud to be doing that simply as it's explicit and puts her on a stand of her own, maybe it even gets her famous throughout college, so what if for all the wrong reasons!

Or then be it at home, within family, those inter-personal trivial little issues that are of course blown out by our 'aunties' and 'buas' and 'maasis' on how you're not family oriented enough or probably how you're not as good as someone else!

But the word bitching surely comes from an abuse that may at some ancient point be related to an animal and female human species behaving like her. But today the word had evolved from being symbolic to an animal behavior to even expressing your discomfort with certain people, and that's when I really begin to grit my teeth as 'bitching' is the verb they describe my confessions of a bad day with…

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First Published: Jun 12, 2006 18:38 IST