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Healing grief

Every one of us has, at some time or another, experienced the passing away of a loved one. The grief that is felt is something that cannot be described.

india Updated: Feb 23, 2004 12:20 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

Every one of us has, at some time or another, experienced the passing away of a loved one. The grief that is felt is something that cannot be described, and affects every cell of the body, turning every feeling into a raw emotion, filled with the pain of losing what one has so dearly loved.

The angst of grief takes the soul to its primal level, it needs to experience this emotion to clear out its 'wanting' to experience it. Rather difficult to believe, but as we have planned our incarnation, we have also, along with the departed one, planned their leaving us at this juncture. Dealing with these raw, and gut wrenching emotions is a vast learning process.

Visualize yourself in a room, which has thousands of mirrors, fixed all over the ceiling, the walls, as well as all over the flooring. There is no space around, which is not a reflecting surface. Now see yourself, not as a body, but as a soul. See your sparkling God-like reflected in all the mirrors, and all facets and angles of your soul will be visible along with all of its iridescent colours. An image of purity and perfection will be reflected back to you, in a holographic manner. You will be observing yourself, your true soul-self, radiant with soul-joy.

These images can then be made into your healing hologram. For the soul knows no grief, no parting, and no loss, and can never be destroyed as the physical body is cremated, or buried.

As you gaze upon these images, you embrace your eternal soul power back into your human life. And as you keep looking into that fountainhead of power that you truly are, the higher intention with which you have incarnated, and that purpose for which the passing on of your loved one was necessary, comes into perspective.

You are no longer a human who is grieving the loss of another human. You are the mighty soul, celebrating the life of the loved one, for he/she has finished his/her brief life's journey, and is back into his heavenly home, the everlasting one.

Seeing and accepting your soul's three dimensional holographic image for you increases the power of the healing that the angels, and your own soul can do for your fractured emotions.

If you see any negative image in any mirror, that is a block for your healing, visualize it also sparkling with God's radiance, and complete the perfection of your soul image in the mirrors.

When the pictures in your mind sparkle with the light of your soul, in totality, you will have accelerated your healing of the grief.

This is a tool, which helps to develop your skills to deal with all other kinds of healing too, whether it be emotional, mental, or even physical.

Train your mind to discover the soul's real destiny in the light of this separation if you are unconsciously preparing for the worst outcomes, it is even more imperative that you sit in this room of mirrors more often and project the incredibly powerful Light through these images into your soul.

The miracles of emotional healing occur as the soul sends back to you images of its perfection. These patterns filter into your cells to purify them of all negative emotions of grief. Your cells start rejoicing at this cleansing, healing and purification, as they are imbued with vast spiritual power.

Your inner self then rejoices in the joy that it receives, making you emotionally whole and healthy again.

First Published: Feb 23, 2004 12:20 IST