Health policy for cancer patients in Bihar

A separate fund is envisaged for cancer patients, which for a change "would be looked after health experts and not bureaucrats"

india Updated: Nov 13, 2006 13:30 IST

The Bihar government is planning to introduce a separate health policy for cancer patients in the state.

"I have asked the state health department officials to formulate a separate policy under the health assistance policy, for which a separate fund would be created for the cancer patients," CMNitish Kumar said on Monday.

Stating that the present health policy was not appropriate for the cancer patients, Kumar said hundreds of patients suffering from the disease go to Mumbai for treatment and in absence of money, the poor areforced to sell their property to meet the exorbitant expenses.

"A CM Health Relief Fund will be created and it will be looked after by health experts and not bureaucrats," he said.

Terming the disease as 'a curse', Kumar said the people living in Bihar are most affected by cancer, tuberculosis and other illnesses and the state government has taken effective steps to streamline the functioning of the government hospitals and improve condition there.

First Published: Nov 13, 2006 13:30 IST