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Updated on May 26, 2004 04:29 PM IST

When we talk about being on the threshold of the New Golden Age, we are talking about huge amounts of spiritual growth taking place in this lifetime.

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PTI | ByVeena Minocha

Until very recently we had learnt that all evolution takes place at an infinitesimal pace, and that this pace of growth is barely measurable by man in his own lifetime. So that, through millions of generations, a certain measurable amount of evolution could be achieved.

When we talk about being on the threshold of the New Golden Age, we are actually talking about huge amounts of spiritual growth taking place in this particular lifetime, moving us into the Light of Ascension; so how can this anomaly be really explained? Can we, through certain scientific deductions, be made aware that such extraordinary growth, by gigantic leaps and bounds, unprecedented earlier, could actually happen?

We have all heard of the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon, where a critical situation was reached when a critical mass of monkeys decided to learn the same behaviour. After the hundredth (a somewhat probable figure) monkey had learnt through imitating other monkeys, it was found that monkeys all over the world were following the new pattern of behaviour, however distantly separated they were through time and space! It was as if the morphogenetic field of the monkey population had been activated by this critical mass to allow for this unconscious response.

Acceleration is measured as the rate of change of velocity, in a given amount of time. As Earth structures becomes more and more complex, the morphogenetic fields surrounding each one of them, activate the whole at a much faster pace, since the critical mass has already been achieved through the development of the human brain. The interface between complex biological units has become too numerous to be ignored, and the pace of this acceleration becomes exponentially charged, as any mathematician could tell you.

This is similar to what happens in the human brain, which is a collection of millions of neurons. All cerebral activity depends on the manifold interconnections of the synapses between the neurons to form the micro circuits required to activate it. The complexity and number of units involved in this activity decide on how fast the acceleration of thought and deed takes place. Therefore the rate of evolution in the Earth's consciousness will depend directly on the number of relationships made possible between a larger number of men.

When we apply this to the growing concept of the global village, co-ordinated as it is, by the world wide web, that is the Internet, as well as the accelerated pace of movement of peoples between countries, for business and leisure, we find that the number of relationships between man and man have increased phenomenally in the last decade or so! If we add to this all the other conscious interface between man, plant and animals, and try to picture the possibility of multiple interface relationships, we could come up with the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon taking place all over the Earth! The rate of acceleration in Gaian consciousness then approaches near to infinity, with all its breathtaking consequences.

The Earth, a Cosmic micro-organism at present, would thus be accelerated into a vibratory focus of the Cosmic Time Scale in a relatively short period of time, presumably our own lifetime!

For the first time in human history has mankind made the connection of all nearly all minds to form an integral living cell known as Gaia, sharing a commonality of thought and purpose. Once all human mind neurons have been brought into a common functional neuronic relationship, we will have established the circuits and symbiotic relationships, to have made the gigantic leap into a united Gaian consciousness, and from there into Cosmic Consciousness!

For the first time, I repeat, in human history we seem to have stumbled upon the tools to make this a reality!

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