Here's how to fill the form

Ensure you use blue or black pens for making appropriate markings. Otherwise, form will not be accepted.

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How is pre-admission form filled?
Form has two sheets. The second sheet is a carbonless copy. University has introduced OMR format whereby students will have to select the college and course of their liking by darkening the appropriate circle.

Ensure you use blue or black pens for making appropriate markings. Otherwise, form will not be accepted. Students must first practice on a specimen form and then fill the original.

The form is required to be filled without detaching the carbonless copy. The copy will be detached, stamped and returned to the student as acknowledgement at the time of submission at the designated university admission centre.

Other important instructions students must adhere to are they must not crumple or fold the form, no additional marks should be mentioned unless required. All courses available in colleges for which registration is done through this form are mentioned on form.

However, the courses for which entrance tests are held, extra-curricular activities are required or done directly by the college, relevant colleges must be contacted.

What are concurrent courses and their contents?
The erstwhile subsidiary courses have been rechristened ‘concurrent courses’ and marks scored here will be added to the overall aggregate in the third year.

There are four papers of concurrent courses during the first and second year. Each paper is of 50 marks. The courses are on three levels —language credit course, interdisciplinary course and language qualifying course. The first two courses are of 50 marks each and no scores are counted for the third paper.

This means that the students are evaluated out of 200 marks in their concurrent courses. For instance, for arts stream, a language credit course would include Hindi, English, Tamil, Urdu and Bengali.

Interdisciplinary course would include — Reading Gandhi, ethics in public domain, gender and society, mathematical awareness, individual and society.

What is the difference between a subject and applied discipline in that subject?
Applied discipline refers to specialisation in certain aspects of the subject. It looks at certain factors in a deeper perspective while a subject acquaints the student with the foundation.

First Published: May 17, 2006 19:47 IST