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'Hot actors can be tempting'

Sexy starlets' take on how they restrict themselves from the temptation of falling for a handsome actor.
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PUBLISHED ON JUL 26, 2006 10:27 AM IST

Does mind rule over heart at work? Sexy starlets give their take on whether it is
difficult for them to maintain a professional relation with hot men while playing a romantic sequence with them on-screen. And what is it that restricts them to resist the temptation of falling for a good-looking actor?

This seductress feels that it's her professional commitments that help her stay focussed while playing a romantic role with her co-star. "Howsoever great looking someone is, if I am playing a role opposite to him, I will try and keep my personal feelings aside. I agree that in such situations the line between personal and professional relations is thin, but still I understand that very well. I try to be to myself while playing romantic characters. In my case, I don't think there is any possibility for falling for anyone because I maintain high level of professionalism with my co-stars. It's also true with me that I never get impressed by a good-looking man," says Sameera.

Most of the actors who I have acted with in films are either married or have girlfriends. Besides that I always give respect to a relationship. That's the reason why I have not ever fallen for any one of my co-stars nor their counter parts felt threatened by me. We work together as mature and good professionals and considering their ongoing relationship, it's impossible to think of anything on romantic lines.

While other actresses strike out the possibility of love at work, this lady doesn't deny the existence of temptation factor but she feels that right signal should come from both sides. "Co-stars can be tempting and if my co-star feels equally tempted towards me as I feel, then talking about a relationship makes sense," states Dhupia.

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