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'I don't want husband to touch me'

I have been married for about five years now and have a wonderful two-year-old son but I am not happy with my husband. I don't want to have sex with him or even want him to touch me. There are other issues involved...
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PUBLISHED ON JUL 27, 2006 03:28 PM IST

How to revive my sex life?

I was enjoying a romping sex life during the first two years of my marriage but after that my wife showed no sign of interest. I tried everything from oral, read books like Kamasutra, tried everything but nothing would please her. As a matter of fact, I started searching for sex outside my home and eventually landed with some call girls (I used protection). I know it's wrong but what should I do to revive my sex life with my wife? Please help.


Is marrying an elder girl OK?

I am in love with a girl seven years elder to me. We are seeing each other from past three years but haven't indulged physically. We cannot marry as our parents won't agree. But now since she is 31, she is unable to find suitable grooms and is depressed because of this. I want to marry her. Should I go against my parent's wish? Will the age difference be a problem?


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'I love my sister-in-law'

I am a 45-year-old man deeply in love with sister-in-law (brother's wife), who is several years older than me. She is extremely beautiful and whenever I have tried to touch her she has not said anything. I have been longing to make love to her but have not had the courage. I have a feeling that she loves me too and is waiting for me to take the step. Please advise as to how I should go about it. Please advise.

K. Murali

Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
I find challenges like 'tell us what you have to say' rather daunting as there are no text- book solutions for some conflicts like 'to do it or not to do it with sister-in-law'. It all depends upon the personal values and beliefs. Some believe in instant gratification and just do it others keep seeking opinions from people of no importance.


Involved with two women

I am a bachelor living in Canada. The apartment building I live in is full of immigrants. Conditions are difficult and job timings are odd because of shifts. My neighbours are an elderly couple but the wife is much younger and has two daughters. I have met this lady several times in laundry room and one day we ended up making love in my house. Now it has become a routine affair. But sometime I got engaged. I have observed that both of them are enthusiastic in bed. What should I do?


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
A girl here and a girl there! Be a real man and stop believing in your fantastic fantasy world. Face the harsh reality of a night-shift worker in an alien country. Focus on the purpose for which you left your own people and immigrated. The purpose could never have been sex.


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