I have a life now: Raveena Tandon
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I have a life now: Raveena Tandon

Still ravishing, with a second-time-mother glow, the actress talks about life and babies.

india Updated: Jan 30, 2007 13:08 IST
Kshama Rao

She’s three-months pregnant..and is looking supremely happy. I meet up with the ravishing Raveena Tandon Thadani at a Chinese restaurant to ask...

Do you have a craving for Chinese food?
It’s not that, I’m just off Indian food. Even during Rasha (her first-born), I would feel nauseated even if I smelt anything Indian. This time, I’m craving for more sweets.

Does Rasha know of the new arrival?
I am trying to tell her in little ways but she’s too small…she turns two in March. Like I took her for my sonography session. I told her about this little baby just like her growing inside mamma but I doubt if she understood anything.

How’s Rasha?
She’s a hassle free child. Looking after her has been a piece of cake. Probably that’s why I didn’t mind having my second child so soon. Rasha’s very lady like. I can’t stay away from her for too long. I just love being around her and having her around me. I take her everywhere with me.

There was news about you doing a Sony show…
That can’t happen now though we had almost signed the papers and were supposed to start shooting mid-January. I didn’t know then I was pregnant. I had informed Sandiip (Sikcand, the channel’s creative director) that I was planning an addition to my family some time later but they had no problems with that. Then I got pregnant and I didn’t want to do anything half-heartedly.

Wasn’t it a talk show?
Yes, it was but it wasn’t anything about, “Oh how pretty you are looking, mwaah mwaah.” It was for a social cause. It was a great concept for which we were looking at social issues. For instance, like this tribal village, which doesn’t get drinking water and have to walk miles to get it every day. Our role was going to be like a broker between the affected party and the relief measures or sponsors.

Since it was a great concept, I didn’t want to do it half-heartedly. I didn’t want to go to work and get fatigued. Also, I guess when you are busy making plans in life, life happens to you, literally. In any case, I am in no hurry to get back to the studios.

Go on…

I have worked like a dog for 17 years. I have got a life now. I believe when you are doing something you have to be professional. I gave my 100 per cent to all my films. So when I got married I decided it was time to put my feet up and start my new role as a homemaker. You should go through every facet of life.

I’m loving every bit of it – going for birthday parties, catching up with family and friends, spending time with relatives and actually being able to identify all my nieces and nephews.

These days I am more into things like taking my friends out for lunch and shopping. I have to show you our new plot of land. You can say that these days Raveena is building houses and making babies.

Do you think it’s easier for married heroines to make a comeback today?
I don’t think so. Raakhee and Moushumi Chatterjee worked through their marriage and children. So did Sharmila Tagore.

I like what Madhuri (Dixit) has done. She got married, had a complete family, and is back on the scene today. All I can say is everyone should be realistic enough to know what stage they are at..instead of still dreaming of girlie pigtail roles.

There was some property dispute with your brother..

Yes, but that’s a personal issue.

Will you take up film production again or maybe join your husband in film distribution?
I am just not cut out for the business side of cinema. Though Anil shows me every film before he buys it, distribution can be quite boring. I’m more into the creative, artistic side of cinema.

But despite my first debacle in production (Stumped) I just might get into it again. Just yesterday, Anil was teasing me how I should make a sequel to Stumped, now that sequels are in and call it Just Stumped or Stumped Again.

First Published: Jan 30, 2007 13:08 IST