Indian dean of S African medical college quits

Girish Mody resigned from NRMSM following claims of racism, discrimination and exam leaks.

india Updated: Apr 17, 2006 14:33 IST

Girish Mody, the Indian-origin dean of the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine (NRMSM) in Durban, has reportedly tendered his resignation following a series of claims of racism, discrimination, exam leaks and unequal treatment of students during his stint of a little over a year.

According toThe Sunday Independent, a spokesman of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, to which NRMSM is affiliated, confirmed Mody's resignation.

Mody's tenure was marked by a series of controversies with the students openly demanding his resignation. His term as head of the prestigious institution saw the suspension of as many as five medical professors over various allegations, whose disciplinary hearings were held last December.

Though Mody promised a complete report after the hearings, he has not done so till date. A faculty source said that there were also threats of the university being sued if the report into the hearings was made public. Mody had completed just 16 months of his five-year term.

Though thesources said that Mody resigned because of pressure and stress, the man himself told the newspaper that he took the step because of "a change of personal circumstances".

"I will still be a professor of rheumatology, just sooner than I was supposed to," he said.

"We are glad he is not lost to us. He is leaving his administrative position to go back to teaching and research, which he clearly loves more. He will be missed at the level of senior management. He had an excellent style of dealing with people," the university spokesman said.

Though Nelson Mandela never wanted places or institutions to be named after him, the NRMSM is among the few exceptions. The institute, established over 50 years ago, was named after the great South African leader after the end of the apartheid regime.

First Published: Apr 17, 2006 14:33 IST