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Isha Koppikar chat

Isha Koppikar who? You asked after the release of her earlier films Fiza and Aamdani Athanni Kharcha Rupaiyya, where she played insignificant roles. And then came the Khallas number from Company. In an instant, Isha Koppikar was a rage. Read transcript of a chat with her on June 13 where she talks about her life and how Khallas happened.

india Updated: Jun 13, 2003 20:05 IST

rahul_bhatia_scb: Isha, which is your favourite number among the ones you have done?
Isha_Koppikar: Khallas made me, but Ishq Samandar is nicer. It is faster and works well on stage shows. Khallas has made me 'Isha Khallas Koppikar'!

niren_narang: What type of food do you favour? Continental, Chinese or Indian.
Isha_Koppikar: I like everything that is palatable. I am not too fond of north Indian food as I find it too heavy. On a daily basis I like my Mangalorean food. I love fish. I like anything under the ocean. There's something 'fishy' about Isha.

strrider: Do you think that one film at a time is the order of the day like in Hollywood?
Isha_Koppikar: That holds true about people who are established, but not for us, newcomers. One film will get me nothing. I am not here for social service. We don't get meaty roles to begin with. Since the roles are not meaty, we don't need to give much of our time. Aishwarya and Hrithik can afford to do two films a year, because they have to give more dates and the film revolves around them. In a multi-starrer the work gets distributed.

We, newcomers, have to work harder to establish ourselves. My film, Rudrashk, has four actors. Of all the films I am currently working in only Humrahi, is a solo-starrer - that's the hero and me. The commitment is much more in that case.

Suman: Where exactly in Maharashtra are you from?
Isha_Koppikar: Matunga in Mumbai, near Shivaji Park.

vineet: How do you cop with so much work pressure?
Isha_Koppikar: Well, no gain without pain. Every scene has some amount of pressure. I think closer you get to success (as we get promoted to higher designation), the workload increases. Nature tries its level best to obstruct you. Like while climbing a hill, as you go up, you get slower. It's the survival of the fittest. You have to be a fighter in today's world.

strrider: How would you rank professionalism in Bollywood on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) and is it really as cutthroat as it is portrayed to be?
Isha_Koppikar: I would rate it at 8.

deepak: Please tell me what you did before movies?
Isha_Koppikar: I was studying. I did my graduation in Life Sciences, side by side.

rahul_bhatia_scb: I know you are a fabulous and gorgeous dancer but who's your favourite dancer?
Isha_Koppikar: Madhuri Dixit.

pasandmera: What is your opinion of our politicians?
Isha_Koppikar: Ignorance is bliss.

strrider: So what's a day in the life of Isha like?
Isha_Koppikar: Starts with a workout. ha ha.. what else? It's very programmed and monotonous. Then its work as usual. When I am not working, I am with family and friends. People call me buddhi. They say, "kya buddhi ki tarah soti hai das baje." That's because I am a morning person. No late nights for me!

bah: With looks like yours, you must not be lacking in company. Who is in your life?
Isha_Koppikar: Haven't found my Mr. Right as yet! Not found anyone who has the same tangent. Of course, there are many good-looking guys around!

bbsq77: How do you describe the 'khallas' song?
Isha_Koppikar: Describe? Oh God! Khallas, though it was called 'khallas', it is the beginning of my career. It set the ball rolling!

indiangq: Have you thought about working in Hollywood?
Isha_Koppikar: No no! Not as yet! I have not proved as an actress as yet here. But I hope it will happen eventually.

bbsq77: What are your hobbies?
Isha_Koppikar: Eating and working out. When I am free, I eat, I work out and listen to lot of music. As far as the choice of music is concerned, anything that suits my ear and mood, at that point of time.

sola: How is it to work with Manoj Bajpai?
Isha_Koppikar: He is a superb actor. He will make himself available to explain what he thinks about the scene. I used to call him 'guruji'. Very aware of what's happening.

ronita: What kind of roles are you looking forward to doing? Will you be sticking to 'hot' roles, or you will like more variety in your roles?
Isha_Koppikar: I don't have a father as a director neither is my grandfather a producer. I want to be accepted in whatever roles that I am doing. I definitely want to do challenging roles that any actress would want to do. In a few films I am playing the lead role. These are some awesome characters. Except in Pinjar, where I am playing a cameo (of a Punjabi girl) in a pre-1945 scenario. I am Urmila's sister in the film. I want to reach out to the audience. If the masses like you, and you are sellable, then producers and directors will like to take you in their films. They have no choice. I would like roles like Damini, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, etc.

In Qayamat, I am doing a negative role. In Intekam, the whole film is on my shoulders. Manoj Bajpai calls me the 'hero of the film'. It was a huge responsibility. You will see it in September.

saneela: Could you tell us how you got the opportunity to do a song in Company?
Isha_Koppikar: I was called by Ram Gopal Varma in his office. He saw me on the cover of Just Like That! Initially, I was very excited thinking that I am doing the whole film, but that didn't happen. Nonetheless, the film and the song worked for me.

ishasfan: So how do you feel about being reborn again in Bollywood?
Isha_Koppikar: It feels really good because this is the place where I think I belong!

indiangq: Any advice to people who want to get into the entertainment industry?
Isha_Koppikar: You have to be very strong. You will face a lot of hurdles and barriers. It's very easy to get spoilt. You need to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. You need to have family and friends to support you. You should be sincere and focussed.

rahul_bhatia_scb: What difference do you notice between films and modelling?
Isha_Koppikar: In the modelling world, you model for a product. It doesn't contain much of acting. A film requires you to be more talented. You are yourself. Audience needs to see you for two and a half hours. You need to do a lot more things than just look beautiful.

strrider: What sort of preparations do you put in before you face the camera?
Isha_Koppikar: Nothing. Just stick to the character and forget that I am Isha and start flirting with the camera.

smita: Are you still doing Plan?
Isha_Koppikar: No, I am out of it!

First Published: Jun 13, 2003 19:42 IST