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Jog your memory

A new study says weight loss helps boost memory. So give crosswords a break and all you need to do is jump on the scales and then begin a fitness regimen.

india Updated: Jun 23, 2013 22:20 IST
Hindustan Times
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Many of us have spent the better part of our lives on various diets in an often futile effort to lose weight. And many of us have failed, making us simply opt for bigger-sized clothing and come up with lame explanations that the extra kilos are because we suffer from hormonal imbalances.

Yes, the desire to look good, we normally say that we are only interested in being healthy, makes us forgo that tempting cheesecake or that delicious box of chocolates. Well, now there is one more reason why you should aspire to be sylph-like.

Weight loss, according to a University of Sweden study, helps boost memory. There are millions of people across the world who suffer from either short-term or long-term memory loss. So, instead of rushing to the nearest doctor, all you need to do is jump on the scales and then begin a fitness regimen.

This finding will also inculcate some prejudice among people. Imagine you are on a visit to your doctor. He is diagnosing those inexplicable headaches you have been having even as you notice that he is a bit portly.

Does he remember what he was taught at medical school, or is he just winging it? So it becomes imperative that before you look at your doctor’s qualifications, you look at his or her girth.

The same goes for most other professions including that of editorial writers. For those of us who like to do mind exercises like Sudoku or the cryptic crossword, should throw it all away and just lose weight. The last thing any of us want is to be caught short not remembering, say, the name of your boss. Or the way home.

Editorial writers who bring you these gems have to remember a vast plethora of detail from politics to economics to foreign affairs. So, it is clear that we cannot afford to pile on the kilos.

We consider it a great boon that our readers cannot actually see us, so that we can assure them that most of us are rail thin.

As for bringing you all the views you can use…what were we saying? Oh yes, all the…We’ll be back after a quick round on the treadmill.

First Published: Jun 23, 2013 22:16 IST