Kalbe Sadiq asks Govt to ban fatwas

Dr Sadiq says irrelevant fatwas had brought bad name to the community, reports M Hasan.

india Updated: Nov 03, 2006 05:15 IST
M Hasan
M Hasan

The senior vice-chairman All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) Dr Kalbe Sadiq on Thursday blamed the Ulema (clerics) for the prevailing deplorable conditions in the community. Dr Sadiq said these religious leaders lacked "vision" to take the community forward.

Talking to newsmen in Lucknow on Thursday Dr Sadiq said irrelevant fatwas had brought bad name to the community and he would be happy if the government devised any mechanism to ban them.

"I will be first to support the move", Dr Sadiq said and added that he fully supported the statement of film actress Shabana Azmi on purdah (veil).

Dr Sadiq, who is scheduled to address three-day lecture on "Islam versus Muslims" from Friday said that AIMPLB had been constituted with the purpose to ensure implementation of Shariat Application Act 1937 in the country, however, of late the board had deviated from its path.

Pointing out that under the prevailing situation there was vast difference between Islam and Muslims and the activities of Muslims could not be taken as tenets of Islam.

Dr Sadiq said that the problems haunting the community were largely because of closure of doors of Ijtihad (application of reasoning in religious affairs). While this practice was prevalent in Shia community, it was banned in other sects. He said once the doors of ijtihad were opened most of the problems, caused by hackneyed Mullahs would evaporate.

Welcoming recently enacted domestic violence act, he said its provisions were in tune with Shariat, which had given full protection to women. Dr Sadiq said, "Wife-bashing" concept as enshrined in Surat Al Nissaa of Quran had been wrongly interpreted.

He said that Quran allowed "wife beating" by "handkerchief". "Is it possible to beat wife with hankie", Dr Sadiq asked jokingly.

He said, "Act should be further strengthened to protect women from domestic violence. On terrorism, Dr Sadiq said only one sect Kharajites (who are out of Islam) were behind the terrorist activities.

When pointed out that Salafis had been spreading violence Dr Sadiq said Kharajites in Salafi movement were responsible for terrorism.

Expressing disappointment over recent Eid moon controversy Dr Sadiq said with the help of technology he was in a position to provide ten-year Islamic calendar.

He said ignorance and rigidity on the part of Ulema had created this situation.

First Published: Nov 03, 2006 05:15 IST