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Keeping an eye on Sameera Reddy

The actress speaks to Hiren Kotwani about her next film with Buddhadeb Dasgupta which deals with voyeurism .

india Updated: Dec 06, 2006 19:02 IST

Have you heard of an actor hearing the script on the first day of shooting and not being the least bit perturbed about preparations for it?

Well that’s what Sameera Reddy has just done for her second film with Bengali filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta.

“It was only 10 days ago that I heard the script of Ami Iyasinraar Amaar Madhubala(I, Iyasin, My Madhubala),” says Reddy who has previously acted in Dasgupta’s Kaalpurush.

“Initially I was nervous when I heard the film deals with voyeurism and about how it would be presented. But when I heard the narration, I understood it better. Dada looks at both sides of the story, from the perspective of the victim and voyeur.”

Sameera Reddy is doing another Bengali film with Buddhadeb Dasgupta

It was after the screening of


at the International Film Festival of India last year, that the director declared he was casting her in his next film. “Working in a Bengali film meant undoing the method of acting in Hindi films,” says Reddy.

“But after


I’ve grown as an actress and in this film I’ve given most of my shots in one take. My rapport with Dada made it easier for me to understand what is required.”

On working with Dasgupta she says, “Some press people asked him what made him so sure of casting a Bollywood actress like me, also a south Indian who has done films down south, and he said he was so confident of my performance and would sign me for his next film too. I was so surprised that I asked if he meant it and he asked me if I wanted to. There was no way I could refuse to work with a fabulous director like him.”

This time round she has accomplished Bengali actors like Prosenjit and Amitabh as co-stars. In the year since


Reddy says she has “improved my Bengali, so much so that I can improvise on the spot. But that’s not enough. Even in between shots, I’m rehearsing my lines, perfecting my diction. We work day and night. And in between shots, I’m working on my language.”

First Published: Dec 06, 2006 20:30 IST