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Khalnayak to Munnabhai-Sanju rocks!

This week, the responses to our survey brought out a clear verdict: Sanjay Dutt is still 'on'. So watch out, Khans!

india Updated: Sep 24, 2006 18:49 IST
Anita Joseph (
Anita Joseph (

The tall and macho Sanjay Dutt is very much in the reckoning in Bollywood. And considering the number of people who vouch for him despite all that has happened, ‘Sanju’ it would seem, has a long innings ahead.

This week, ‘Munnabhai’ managed to steal the hearts of most of our surfers. All of them were unanimous that Sanju was their favourite hero and the Khans have certainly not overshadowed him.

As many as 315 surfers from all over the world sent in their views on the return of Sanjay Dutt.

Ashish from Sydney wrote: “Sanjay Dutt is a legend on its own, he has always proved that he is a brilliant actor-incomaparable, unbeatable and invincible. He has a very strong screen presence and no doubt he still stands tall among all other actors. He has been in the film industry for over 2 decades and will continue for another 2 decades.”

Agreeing with him was Teresa Thomas from Delhi: “Sanjay Dutt is an underestimated actor. He has not marketed himself well, so he remains obscure. But Munnabhai has resurrected him. And he is indeed, good competition for the Khans.”

Shaan from Kuala Lumpur had the same view. He said: “Sanju is like old wine, he only gets better with age.”

Interestingly, every single response that came in, lauded Dutt junior for his performance in Munnabhai and its sequel Lage Raho.

Now for the numbers.

As many as 266 people said Sanju’s come a long way from Saajan to Munnabhai. And that Munnabhai is a more evolved product. 33 people said Sanju is an underestimated actor, while only 16 people voted for the Sanju of the 90’s.

Interestingly, a majority (133) of our surfers said that Munnabhai and Lage Raho Munnabhai succeeded only because of Sanjay Dutt. 113 surfers begged to differ; they said the movie had enough content to attract its audience. Meanwhile, 69 people said they hadn’t watched the movie, but that Sanjay Dutt is great anyways.”

The response to our next question only emphasised what the comments said: 258 surfers said Sanjay Dutt is tough competition for the Khans, the difference being that Sanju doesn’t market himself as well as the Khans. 43 people on the other hand, said the Khans still ruled Bollywood, while 16 surfers said it was neither the Khans nor ‘Sanju’, but Sunil Dutt, who is the better actor.

And here’s how our surfers responded to the fourth question: They thought Sanjay Dutt had been dealt a raw deal in Bollywood. As many as 184 people said Sanjay Dutt has had so many crises in his life that he didn’t have time to focus on his career. 78 people on the other hand, said Bollywood did give everyone a fair chance and that it was up to an actor to prove himself. Close behind were 53 people who were unsure, but said the Khans had been hogging the limelight for quite a while now.

The responses to the last question would make Rajkumar Hirani a very happy man. 255 people, who comprised the majority, said they would welcome another sequel to the Munnabhai saga. Interestingly, the other two options had an equal number of takers. As many as 30 people said another sequel would be boring, while another 30 said they would love to see Sanju in another comic role.

So that’s the message for this week: Sanjay Dutt is still ‘on’. So watch out, Khans!

Vox Populi will be back with another debate next week. Till then, happy surfing!

First Published: Sep 24, 2006 15:29 IST