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Lax security

It was appalling how three youngsters drove unchallenged into the PM?s residence. The security lapse must be dealt with seriously. One successful run by terrorists can cause huge damage.
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PUBLISHED ON JUL 29, 2006 01:42 AM IST

Lax security

It was appalling how three youngsters drove unchallenged into the PM’s residence. The security lapse must be dealt with seriously. One successful run by terrorists can cause huge damage. How come the intruders were let off so easily?

Also, if they were driving drunk, they should be booked accordingly.

AK Ghosh, via e-mail

Musharraf’s ire

The tone and tenor of Pervez Musharraf’s statement warning India against hot pursuit of terrorists is uncalled for. In fact, India should have taken rigorous steps against militancy long ago. Instead, it has only been asking for the dismantling of terrorist camps operating from PoK. Even in the face of terrorist attacks in Mumbai and Srinagar, in which hundreds of innocent persons were killed, India has not used provocative words. Musharraf’s veiled sympathy for militants will only undermine efforts to normalise Indo-Pak relations.

KV Seetharamaiah, Hassan

Expose the mole

with reference to the editorial Dishonourable  silence (July 28), Jaswant Singh’s inaction for almost a decade on such a sensitive security issue cannot be justified. His act tantamounts to abetment in the crime. He should disclose the name of the mole without waiting for an appointment with the PM as the issue involves the entire nation.

PK Srivastava, via e-mail

Strange logic

Prem Shankar Jha is being myopic about the peace talks between India and Pakistan (Bidding peace goodbye, July 28). The foundation of peace is trust, which is conspicuous by its absence in our relations. The recent bomb blasts in Mumbai killed hundreds of our citizens. Diplomatic peace efforts cannot be written with the nation’s blood. The article shows lack of empathy with the grieving families. Until Pakistan shuts down terror camps, peace will remain a distant dream.

Abhinav Sharma, via e-mail


Prem Shankar Jha thinks that the peace process has suffered a setback because of the 7/11 attacks. But the damage had been done much earlier, with
the terrorist attacks on Delhi, Varanasi and the Valley. One wonders how much bloodshed we’ll have to see and how long will we sit helpless. Let’s not forget that Pakistan has said that it will not hesitate to use the nuclear bomb if attacked.

RK Malhotra, Delhi

Curb anti-social activities

Khushwant singh has rightly criticised the Shiv Sena (July 22). It has no acceptable reason to go on rampage, burn buses and damage the property of those people who have nothing to do with incidents that may have aroused the party’s anger. The State cannot just watch silently; it needs to take stringent measures to curb such anti-social activities.

Talha Chowdhry, Delhi

Building muscles

Barkha Dutt’s article Out with your inner voice (July 22) has rightly pointed out the different wavelengths in the functioning of the government and the Congress party function. Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s silence on crucial issues does not strengthen the PM’s hands. However, it is to be hoped that despite pressure by alliance partners and over-ambitious ministers, this government will still be able to completes its term and work for the welfare of masses.

S Raghavan, via e-mail

Before you grow old

The article Home alone @ 70 (July 22) by Ripu Daman Singh has highlighted the bitter truth of life. Nonetheless, it is a reminder to all of us to do something worthwhile with our time.

Padam Sood, via e-mail

See the bias

Sitaram Yechury’s Listen above the din (July 27) is a biased assessment of the office of profit issue. Lawmakers should not be law-breakers. Since this is a legal issue, there’s no harm in the President taking the Supreme Court’s opinion. And, it’s not just the BJP, but all political parties that indulge in double-speak.

AL Agarwal, Delhi

For the sake of farmers

Apropos of the editorial Need to get agro (July 27), the rate at which farmers are committing suicide in Vidarbha region is alarming. This area is deprived, lacks irrigation facilities and is totally dependable on the monsoons. The Prime Minister’s recent visit and relief package do not seem to have offered a lasting solution to the problem. The
government must take immediate action.

Mirza Anwarulhaq Baig, Mumbai

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