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Learning it hard way

PTI | ByPriyanka Raizada, London
Jan 01, 2005 07:57 PM IST

Being told off by my teachers in school has really made me grow, reminisces Priyanka Raizada in From the Varsity.

A few days ago, all tired, back from college, I started reminiscing about school days, and how free and happy we all were. We hardly had any stress except for getting our homework done in time and doing sufficiently well in our exams. Obviously all these thoughts are in hindsight, because, then, I remember wanting to get out of school and wanting to start work, and step into the real world.

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I remember hating some of my teachers because they did not agree with what I thought was right. I remember saying some really nasty things about them while told to stand outside the class because I was late by only two minutes. I did not realize then, that while working if you are two minutes late, you are forever the person who comes late in the eyes of your boss, even though it was just that one day  you were late, in contrast to your teachers who would forgive you as long as you make it on time to your class next week. I have realised how tough a working life can be, since I entered Law college, which most lawyers say is the gruelling ground that prepares you for real life. It is indeed! University days seem a long time away.

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I remembered hating the parent-teacher meetings. Even though they never  really discouraged us and always supported our case in front of our parents saying that we were capable of success if we just tried a little bit harder, it still bothered me so much. Who would have known then, that your boss can grill you in front of your collegues and you would have no explaination to give to them, like you did to your parents.

The worst part of being in school was to get up early. I totally disagreed with the fact that we had to start studying so early, forgetting the fact that at least we slept early as well. Once you step into the career zone of life, one is lucky if they get to sleep before midnight only to be jolted back into reality with the alarm going off at 7 am.

While I was thinking about my class schedule I started thinking about how we used to look forward to our lunch break. That half-an- hour break from our teachers, which mostly involved going to the cafeteria and socialising with your friends from other classes. Now I would be lucky to get a lunch break which mostly involves me having lunch at my table, staring at the computer screen, surfing for material to prepare for my next meeting with the professor. Socialising seems to be non-existent. By the time you return from work or a rigorous day at college, you are exhausted.All you want to do is take some time-off  for yourself.

It is in this time, that I think my teachers have been a major reason for my metamorphosising into who and what I am now. Looking back, I realize they inspire and motivate their students to do the best for themselves. Those encouraging words during those much hated parent-teacher meetings has helped me so much because it taught me that you really could achieve a lot when you tried harder. The responsibilities I've burdened myself with have been a mixed blessing during my high school days. I know that the stressful experiences that I faced in school are helping me now.

It taught me to be  able to juggle many responsibilities that has prepared me to deal with the demands of work life and beyond.

Being told off by my teachers, has really made me grow and has guided me to understand the responsibilities of life and career. Never again will I think ill of my school teachers.

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