Life catches up with work, finally

Business students wish a better work-life balance, with 29% ranking it above other options, writes Suman Layak.

india Updated: Jun 08, 2006 02:06 IST

If you thought MBA students only had PowerPoint dreams, then you have missed the fantasies in Indian business schools. They want a life beyond the cubbyholes in McKinsey and promotions in Lehman Brothers.

The number one goal of business students is a better work-life balance, with 29 per cent ranking it above other options. It is another matter that those perks in the office can promote satisfaction outside. After office matters comes "contributing to society" — at No 5, a jump from No 9 last year.

The survey was done by Stockholm-based Universum Communications which brands companies for potential employees. The online poll — the second in India — covered 6,638 MBA students and an almost equal number of engineering students.

The techies' No. 1 priority is different. Developing a new product is at the top. Last year, it was "working internationally". That has now dropped two spots. For MBAs, it is down at eight.

The techies' ideal employers are a mix of Indian firms and MNCs — Microsoft, McKinsey, NTPC, L&T and RIL. For management students, it is McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group and Lehman Brothers. Two years later, if you don’t find them there, they must be busy getting a life outside.

First Published: Jun 08, 2006 01:55 IST