Little heaven

Singer Abhijeet Sawant talks about his favourite corners in his Mumbai home.

india Updated: Mar 20, 2009 20:44 IST

My wife Shilpa and I planned the entire layout of the house on our own. My house is not a masterpiece of interior decoration but a simple, comfortable dwelling. We hunted for the furniture of our choice from one showroom to another. It took us almost a year to complete the house.

“I believe that a family that eats together lives together happily. With this thinking in mind, we got a low-seating dining table designed in a separate room next to the kitchen. It is a detachable table assembled together in the Chinese fashion. This is the most prominent and attractive room in the house, with a beautiful painting of Kashmir bought from Satguru
at Khar. The room also has a TV in case we want to watch it,” says the singer

“I like to live in a colourful house and so I made sure that each room of the flat had a bright-coloured wall. To make it look artistic, I chose bright-coloured wallpaper with flowery designs both in the living room as well as in my bedroom. The couch in the living room is like a throne, and I sit there at most of the times,” quips Abhijeet.

First Published: Mar 20, 2009 20:43 IST