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Look ahead to go forward

Pranjal Sharma in his article Time for a makeover (February 13), has rightly said that the BJP doesn’t know which issue to focus on for the impending elections.

india Updated: Feb 19, 2009 23:22 IST
Hindustan Times

Pranjal Sharma in his article Time for a makeover (February 13), has rightly said that the BJP doesn’t know which issue to focus on for the impending elections. LK Advani continues propagating the Hindutva agenda when the need of the hour is to tackle problems like inflation, the declining growth rate and terrorism. The industrialists’ pick for the top post — Narendra Modi — has not been able to shrug off the blame for being at the helm during the Gujarat riots. It is time for the party to introspect and break away from the past. The BJP also needs to shift its focus to the needs and aspirations of the younger generation.

Amt Chaudhary, Indore

No chances with extremism

The Pakistani government’s deal with the Taliban and the resulting takeover of the North-West Frontier Province by the latter are disturbing to say the least. The extremist regime’s tentacles are bound to spread to other parts of Pakistan in no time. This poses a grave danger to India. The Indian government must take immediate measures to thwart the possible advancement of the Taliban into Indian territory.

JC Rebello, Bangalore


The fissures in the Pakistani administration have started showing earlier than expected. The inadequacy of the leadership has compelled it to introduce Islamic law in parts of the NWFP according to the Taliban’s wishes. This is a clear case of surrendering before the Taliban and one which will embolden the outfit to move further, rendering the entire country vulnerable to Talibanisation. For the West, which is still pumping in millions of dollars as aid to our neighbour, the writing on the wall should be clear at least by now. It should take stock of these developments in Pakistan and understand the potentially dangerous fall-out all this may have on the rest of the world.

Bichu Muttathara, Pune

They’re gone, not forgotten

In her article Forgetting is not an option (February 18), Shobha Narayan has rightly pointed out the plight of the Godhra victims who are still searching for their lost relatives. The perpetrators of those atrocities haven’t been brought to justice even after seven years during which Narendra Modi has ruled the state. The writer has compared the problems faced by the riot victims with the plot of Parzania. I plan to watch the movie in honour of the missing people, now considered dead.

Abhishek Pandey, via email


Shobha Narayan’s views on the Gujarat riots are fair and uninfluenced by the political blame-game. Whenever Godhra and Gujarat are mentioned, Muslims and the Hindus get edgy and defensive, thanks to the media that has sensationalised the issue. It is the media’s responsibility to be impartial and cautious while reporting on such sensitive matters. We, too, on our part should remember that a caring approach would equip us to look beyond the obvious and ensure that the guilty are properly punished.

Viniti Gupta, Aligarh

Defence is on the defensive

Preeti Singh in Chinks in the armour (February 19), has raised some pertinent questions about our lack of preparedness not just for another war, but also to deter future terror attacks. How long do we need to decide our response to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism? Had Kasab not been injured and caught, would India’s coercive strategy against Pakistan have been as effective as it is now? It is imperative that we get answers to the following questions: What is preventing us from getting to where we want to be? What do we lack and how are we going to frame an effective policy to protect our citizens?

R K Malhotra, Delhi


The 34 per cent increase in defence expenditure, as proposed in the interim budget, has left little in terms of resources required for national growth. But in view of the renewed terrorist threats, the need of the hour is to strengthen our internal security and equip our defence personnel with the latest equipment and technology.

KV Seetharamaiah, Hassan

First Published: Feb 19, 2009 23:17 IST