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Lopsided reforms

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Nov 27, 2006 12:57 AM IST

Sagarika Ghose in 2? years, 8 per cent what? (November 24) has rightly lamented the lack of social reform by the ruling government.

Sagarika Ghose in 2½ years, 8 per cent what? (November 24) has rightly lamented the lack of social reform by the ruling government. While the economic sector has been given priority in reforms, the common man has been sadly left out.

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The interface between the public and the police is conspicuous by its absence. And while the ministers are crying hoarse over quotas, pension reforms have not seen the light of the day. There is an urgent need for a paradigm shift in reforms from the economic to the social sector.

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K Venkataraman

Not a trusted neighbour

If Chinese President Hu Jintao is sincere about fostering ties with India and solving the border dispute, why does the joint declaration made by India and China recognise only Tibet Autonomous Region as part of China and not Arunachal Pradesh as part of India? Why did India missed this opportunity to solve the border problem? India should remain wary of a country that has betrayed us once already.

Bidyut Chatterjee

Check rash driving

The DND flyover accident is yet another example of the casual approach to driving rules in Delhi. Hit-and-run cases have become a routine affair. It is time we inculcated some traffic sense among the people and ensured a safer capital.

Vipul kumar

One-sided story

AG Noorani’s article Walk backwards (November 22) is misleading. The conflicts in ‘South Tyrol’ and ‘Aaland’ were different and the autonomy granted there was to safeguard linguistic and cultural rights. No Kashmiri has any complaints on these issues.

Separatists maintain that Kashmir was an unfinished task of the two-nation theory. It is the minority Pandits who were persecuted, leading to their mass exodus from the Valley. Secular India can’t afford any arrangement that could see the imposition of medieval rule by fundamentalists in J&K.

Lalit Ambardar

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