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Lords panel judges fundraising activities

Over 600 students from south England have been raising money for the Wings of Hope children's charity for the past six months.
None | By UK Bureau, London
PUBLISHED ON MAR 22, 2006 07:02 PM IST

The "Wings of Hope" Achievement Award flew into its final stage at the House of Lords with over 100 school students presenting the successes of their fundraising efforts to a highly distinguished panel of judges which included, Sir David Jason (aka Del Boy) The Marquess of Bath, Lord Dholakia and Baroness Scott.

Dr RS Ram, co-founder of the charity and the award, said, "Over 600 school students from across the south of England have been raising money for the Wings of Hope children's charity for the past six months, with the best 22 teams being selected for yesterday's semi-final stage.

"The students, who have worked tirelessly to organise a wide variety of fundraising events from selling 'Krispy Kreme' donuts to fire walking, balloon races, speed dating and international cultural evenings, presented the highs and lows of their fundraising efforts in a range of intelligent and informative ways, with groups presenting videos, slideshows, poems, collages and songs."

The Achievement Award, initially designed by a group of gap year students, is the newest venture of the children's charity in raising money for the education of children in India and Africa.

The 22 semi-final student teams came from a wide range of schools - North London Collegiate School, Habberdashers Aske's, Francis Holland, Woodford County, Channing, Royal Masonic, City of London and host of other schools spread across the South East.

Rajni, co-founder of the charity said, "It was, however, the awareness and the hard work that the teams put in which impressed the judges most, with numerous websites, newspaper articles and most notably, a long-running television advert from the Royal Masonic 'Flying to Freedom' team which panellist, Lee Daley, CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi described as 'fantastic'.

Sir David Jason took a lead role and quizzed the students at length on their efforts in order to try and differentiate between a series of talented teams. He was so taken aback with the quality of the presentations that he decided, at the request of Dr Ram, to extend his judging to the afternoon session. In the process he worked tirelessly without lunch. He was in fact so taken with the award that he is now considering becoming a patron of the Wings of Hope charity.

The semi-finalists now look forward to the 1st of April when the winners of the Achievement Award will be announced at the Wings of Hope Gala Ball at the Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, Mayfair.

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