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Love at next bite

Pakistan has shown the way: do not stay together during mealtimes, this might just break you apart.

india Updated: Sep 13, 2012 22:42 IST
Hindustan Times

The family that eats together stays together. Or so we thought. And this might apply across countries, even India and Pakistan. But our lads across the border have found yet another reason to keep us apart, the fearful McDonald burger. That's why we weren't surprised to learn that a man and his wife were not allowed to sit beside each other at a McDonald's outlet in Pakistan by managers, who told the couple that such behaviour would have a negative impact on the "Islamic family atmosphere" of the outlet.

From cricket to singing, Indians and Pakistanis have been battling it out on various television shows to find out who are better and at what. Though Hindi cinema has graduated from two flowers brushing against each other when the hero leans in to kiss the heroine or with the image of a bee sucking nectar from a flower to Emraan Hashmi's serial kissing, real-life lovelorn couples still have a hard time in sundry public places - from parks to clubs. In this world of cut-throat competition, there cannot be any let-up in the noble campaign against people letting themselves go in the land of Kama Sutra. We are not going to lag behind Pakistan in this matter. Oh, and we if are not far behind, we have the Shri Ram Sene of the popular attack at a Mangalore pub. God is gracious! The outfit is planning to open a unit in Goa to rid it of its "obscene western culture". And when that's not enough we have extortionist cops who hound love birds in parks and either get them married or call their parents.

Pakistan will have to come up with a bit more than all this if it wants to take a whack at us. As an aside, we wonder if McDonald's or any other chain for that matter, would consider opening outlets where men and women would sit separately and eat. We can see the makings of a book here.

First Published: Sep 13, 2012 22:38 IST