Making perfect pancakes

Want a dash of Christmas cheer in your breakfast? Sweeten up your festivities with yum pancakes teamed with exotic fruits.

india Updated: Dec 18, 2011 00:39 IST
Shara Ashraf
Shara Ashraf
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Season the pan well. Pour two drops of refined oil and let it spread on the entire pan. Heat the pan empty for two minutes. Allow to cool and heat again for two minutes. Use a thick bottom pan. The thicker the base of the pan, the better is the texture of your
Use fresh and quality ingredients. Use low gluten flour. Bread flour makes for a pancake that is tough and chewy. Always sieve baking powder with flour. Add liquids (eggs and milk- buttermilk) slowly into the flour to avoid lumps formation. Cook the butter till light brown colour and add in the mixture at the end. The batter should be runny enough to spread on the griddle.
Allow the pancakes to cook till the edges dry up and you can see bubbles on the uncooked surface. Do not touch the pancakes before this, else they might break apart. For flipping, use a spatula with a long hand and gently slide it under each pancake.
Follow the recipe instructions strictly. Always measure the flour carefully. Begin by lightly spooning it into the measuring cup, then leveling off with the back of a knife.
Never overbeat the batter thinking it will be fluffier. Refrigerate batter. Ideally six hours but if you don't have that much time, freeze it for at least two hours before you start cooking the pancakes. Make sure that your batter is quite thick — a runny batter would
never give you a good texture and will cause your pancake to break.
Pep up your pancake with exciting accompaniments. Apart from butter, honey, maple syrup and chocolate dip, you can also use exotic fruit compote such as a blueberry or strawberry compote. You can also go for fruit preserves or melted chocolate and cinnamon dip.

Inputs from chef Franck Turmine, JAypee, Chef Steffan Dawson, The Westin Gurgaon, Chef Devender Bungla, Hyatt Regency, and Chef Devraj Halder, The Suryaa

Sinking you tooth into soft pancakes topped with layers of gooey chocolate or exotic fruits is one of life’s little pleasures. And what better time to gorge on these goodies than the X’mas season? So this festive season, if you are thinking of rustling up this breakfast delicacy then we have chefs telling you how to master making the egg-and- sugar treat without any great effort. Here’s what you must keep in mind to cook that perfect pancake:
How to make a traditional pancake
1. Sift together flour and baking powder
2. Whisk egg, milk and sugar in a separate bowl
3. Add milk while whisking
4. Add flour to the mixture and stir until smooth
5. Blend melted butter on the pan
6. Now pour 1/4 cup of batter onto the pan for each pancake
7. Cook until the batter turns dry on the edges and lightly brown on the bottom
(Recipe by chef Devender Bungla, Hyatt Regency Delhi)

(serves 4)
150 gm flour
15 gm baking powder
30 gm sugar
2 egg whole
185 ml milk
2ml Vanilla essence
2 tbsp butter

First Published: Dec 17, 2011 20:32 IST