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Match point

Are you single and looking for a soulmate? Feng shui expert Raman Datta on how to find the love of your life

india Updated: Oct 07, 2008 19:58 IST

Are you single and looking for a soulmate who will walk alongside you for the rest of your life? Feng shui is a powerful tool to bring the right energy into your home. It can bring you serious romance rather than a light-hearted fling.

Feng shui guidelines
Place red objects (such as red ribbon or two red roses) in the west of your home. They would help activate the chi energy in the south-east and south-west and also encourage feelings of intimacy.

Keep a bowl of fresh water in the south-east of your home (refill it with clean water each morning) and a yellow flowering plant in the south — west.

Make a list of the qualities you want in your partner and also traits of your personality that others find attractive. Place it in the west of your home.

It would be helpful to keep a pair of decorative objects, such as candles, sculptures or flowers in a vase. Displaying romantic pictures of couples will also help.

A single woman hoping to find a life partner should wear a ring on the forefinger of her right hand.

The ring can be jade, amethyst or even rose quartz, but it needs to stay put on that index finger for three months.

Once you meet the man of your dreams, move that ring to the middle finger of the right hand and leave it there for another three months.

Leave a small hand-mirror outside, reflecting the side facing up on any three nights of the full moon to “charge” the mirror.

At the end of three days, move the mirror indoors but cover it immediately with a piece of silk or satin cloth. Be very sure that no one else can see or touch it.

Then put it somewhere safe for the next 27 days. On the 27th day, you should orchestrate being in the presence of the potential partner and having access to your other mate, the magic mirror.

If the person is not paying attention, flash the mirror in his/her direction, so you can capture the “essence” (as much as possible the face) in it.

After this put the mirror back in its case and place it where it was. Soon that person will be looking at you in a different light.

Picture perfect
Take two smiling photos — one of you alone but happy and one of your paramour smiling, alone — and place them face to face.

Then wrap this little love package 99 times with a red ribbon, string, or thread. Place the picture in the romance area (back right-hand corner of your bedroom) and place a pair of wooden chopsticks atop the photos.

The chopstick should be tied together with nine inches of red ribbon so that they form an X before you place them on top of the pictures.

This should be left alone for 27 days. At the end of that juncture, take the two pictures, still tied together, and release them in moving water i.e. river, pond or lake.

First Published: Oct 07, 2008 19:28 IST