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May I take your leave?

I know no special mantra, I do no special jaap - all I do is remember Them with love, with bhakti (devotion). It is just as simple and as complicated as that.

india Updated: Dec 03, 2003 18:34 IST
Megha Bist
Megha Bist

This is not a fictional account. I might have to change the names of people that I make a mention of just in case they desire it to be so. Rest all is true but there is obviously no way that I can prove that to you. The only motive behind writing this is to share with anyone (who is just as inclined towards) the little discoveries that I make in my attempt to see that which is not tangible but more real than what is. I really do look forward to hearing from whosoever wishes to write back to me about one's own feelings on the 'subject'. The link for writing back is given right below my own account.

I surely wasn't about to write... I told you all in my previous column that I have nothing left to share. And then this morning I get this mail from 'xxx' who just very simply asks: "Won't you write again?" and my heart gets squeezed with emotion - with warmth, with love… I am right here if any one of you wants to write to me, initiate a dialogue, or correspond but I am not about to write a column pretending that I have something of great mystical value to part with. What I have can be had by just anybody for all I have is faith… it is faith that carries me through.

You already know what spurred me on this journey and how along the way my faith strengthened… what more can I tell you other than the fact that God's awesome, unconditional love is right here for any one of us who cares to take the time out and talk to the only One. Now you can choose to look upon God as your Friend, your Father, your Mother or you can put the Mother-Father aspect together and look at them as Universal Parents. Howsoever you relate to God, They are right here for you. It is not They who leave your hand, it is you who turns away from Them - just take some time out and try to get in touch with the deity you have faith in but - and that's a big but, it all depends on your sincerity and love. The intensity with which you call upon Them decides the 'speed' with which They come to you!!

I know no special mantra, I do no special jaap - all I do is remember Them with love, with bhakti (devotion). It is just as simple and as complicated as that. I had asked someone once if it was dangerous or rather fruitlessto mispronounce if one is chanting and the answer was beautiful: "If there are these two persons Megha - one, who pronounces your name right but you know in your heart that the person calls you for his own selfish motives and the other who mispronounces your name each time he calls but calls you only for the boundless love he feels for you, to whom would you go?" Of course I would go to the latter. If I as a human being have this discretion then do you think God bothers about trivialities? Only love counts.

Maybe if someone seeks to achieve siddhis (extra sensory powers) then one is to take care of such details but not for striking a friendship with our very own sweet Almighty. Once you know the art of absolute surrender, you would know what peace is and you would also be astounded by Their amazing graciousness. Surrender is surely a powerful mantra!

Take care and may you and I be steeped in God's consciousness every second of our existence...

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First Published: Dec 03, 2003 18:07 IST