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Moolah matter breaking marriage!

We are a happily married couple with a satisfying relation. But we have frustrating quarrels when it comes to money matters...

india Updated: Oct 06, 2006 19:12 IST


Moolah matter breaking marriage!

It's been seven years and we are a happily married couple with a son. We have very good and satisfying relationship except for money matters. My wife wants me to save or invest all the money I earn. However, I want to spend 10-20% of it on my parents and brothers who are not so well off. We always have long and frustrating quarrels on this subject. This is of late creating problems in our married life.


Improvement in sex power

I am a 25-year-old guy masturbating from last nine years. In a few months from now, I am going to get married. Will there be a problem in my sex life due to masturbation? Is there any medical treatment to increase the quantity of sperms and thickness of semen? Please advice.


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How to revive my sex life?

I was enjoying a romping sex life during the first two years of my marriage but after that my wife showed no sign of interest. I tried everything from oral, read books like Kamasutra, tried everything but nothing would please her. As a matter of fact, I started searching for sex outside my home and eventually landed with some call girls (I used protection). I know it's wrong but what should I do to revive my sex life with my wife? Please help.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
Reading Kamasutra or other books on sex really do not provide solutions to the problem of frigidity of the wife. These books concentrate more on the technique of sex like postures which can be sustained by only by regular gymnasts and the books written more from the point of view of titillation forget the person for whose interest the whole exercise is being under taken. Oral sex as prescribed by some of these books actually puts most women off sex as they find it quite obnoxious and meaningless. Reading of sex manuals helps in enhancing the fun of sexual activity only when both the partners are interested in reading them. For helping your wife to get over her problem of frigidity you will have to pay more attention to her in order to understand its cause. You might have to woo her back by regular courtship instead of wasting your time on paid sex. You can also seek the help of a counselor for both of you, as frigidity is a common and serious problem of women just like erectile deficiency in me.


Is marrying an elder girl OK?

I am in love with a girl seven years elder to me. We are seeing each other from past three years but haven't indulged physically. We cannot marry, as our parents won't agree. But now since she is 31, she is unable to find suitable grooms and is depressed because of this. I want to marry her. Should I go against my parent's wish? Will the age difference be a problem?


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
You are worrying about a purely hypothetical situation. This woman friend of yours' is depressed for not finding a suitable groom for herself but has expressed no wish to marry you now and there was a clear understanding between the two of you that both of you are not in any way getting married and annoy the parents from both sides. You are playing a mind game of being a savior and a hero. Go ahead play the mind game so long as you are enjoying it. There is no need of executing it in real life, as there is no one compelling you to do so.


First Published: Oct 06, 2006 19:12 IST