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Musharraf slams Karzai for intelligence operations

Musharraf also said that the Afghan President was "unaware" about a "deliberate attempt" to malign his neighbour.

india Updated: Mar 06, 2006 09:41 IST
Sridhar Krishnaswami (PTI)
Sridhar Krishnaswami (PTI)

Launching a tirade against his Afghan counterpart, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai was "oblivious" to intelligence operations in his country.

Musharraf alsosaid that the Afghan President was"unaware" about a "deliberate attempt" to malign his neighbour.

Musharraf's comments comes after criticism that Pakistan was not doing enough on intelligence provided by Afghanistan on the possible hide-outs of Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

"I am totally disappointed with their intelligence and I feel there is a very, very deliberate attempt to malign Pakistan by some agents. Karzai is totally oblivious of what is happening in his own country," Musharraf told CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer on Sunday.

The President expressed "surprise and shock" at the disclosure of intelligence findings to media, but denied any credibility to it saying the list was "outdated".

"We've already gone through it, this list. Two-thirds of it is months old, and it is outdated, and there is nothing. What there, the telephone numbers that they are talking of, two-thirds of them are dead numbers and even the CIA knows about it because we are sharing all this information with them," Musharraf said.

"The location that they are talking of Mullah Omar is nonsense. There's nobody there. We've gone there exactly and seen that there are families living there and there's no sign of Mullah Omar. This also seems to be very, very old information".

Musharraf had a word of advise to Karzai on how to streamline the intelligence agency saying that Afghan intelligence agency should coordinate with Pakistan's.

"I will say he should pull up his intelligence, he should pull up his ministry of defence, he should coordinate with our intelligence and intelligence coordination means pass the numbers, pass the intelligence immediately, on occurrence. Don't wait for months for a presidential visit to hand over these things", Musharraf said.

The Pakistani leader said he had informed Karzai about the "conspiracy" going on against Pakistan in his ministry of defence and his intelligence setup.

"He better set that in order before accusing Pakistan on any issue."

Asked if there was some kind of tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Musharraf acknowledged that this was the case.

"...Unfortunately, it is developing in the last one or two months. There was no tension. It was going on excellent, in an excellent way...Now, I know that there is a problem on the border area," Musharraf said.

"There is a problem on the Pakistan side; there is a problem in Afghanistan also. Now, if anybody in the Afghan government throws the entire blame on Pakistan as if nothing is happening in Afghanistan, everyone is here, Mullah Omar is living in Quetta...Who is saying that he's living there? This is absolutely nonsense. ... So this kind of nonsensical accusations are not acceptable," Musharraf said.

First Published: Mar 06, 2006 09:41 IST