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Needing sabr and neeyat

Simple words can change lives, sabr and neeyat are such two words if practiced from heart can bring immense changes.

india Updated: Apr 17, 2006 10:12 IST

Simple words can change lives or lifestyles. In fact, just two crucial words if practiced from the heart can bring about immense changes, one is sabr (patience with a big hope attached to it) and the other is neeyat (intentions).

I have heard them all along but it’s only in very recent years that I met several people living the Islamic philosophy of being patient and along with that, no wavering of good intentions. Ironically, these are those people who have suffered blows but haven't turned hateful or violent: Kashmiri mothers whose sons went away but never ever got back.

As one of them explained, they have simply surrendered to the will of God, after leaving no stone unturned to go looking for those missing young men. Probably it’s the simplicity with which they'd spoken and reached out that left a deep mark for there is something about straightforward people who talk without those complicated turns and twists.

While sabr keeps us going through life positively, neeyat is a force for good. Whilst looking for a book, I'd gone to the Bhai Vir Singh Library and there as I was being helped by an aged Sikh librarian, J.S Anand, he began talking of philosophy and in that strain asked me a simple query: “Tell me who are the blessed people?”

I began by rattling off what I thought fitted well in that slot those who are healthy and not wealthy. He shook his head and came up with a rather unusual answer: “No, it’s those people who think on simple terms and are not complicated. Such people are no burden to themselves nor to others …they do not complicate their own lives nor hold complications for others.”

Many a time one meets blunt, forthright people and yet one doesn't mind if their bluntness borders on rudeness for you know that they are genuine and well-intentioned; unlike the sweet-speaking, artificial people who have to be kept at a great distance. Neeyat indeed is a great do-gooder.

First Published: Apr 17, 2006 10:12 IST