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Negative energy blocks

May 06, 2004 05:07 PM IST

Whenever I do any special meditation recommend by you for a particular purpose, the first thing that happens is a negative reaction, causing an upset. Why does it happen? Veena Minocha explains.

This question and answer series will help to clear your inner-soul confusion on all matters that are demanding your spiritual attention. Spiritual teacher and Healer Ms Veena Minocha will endeavour to clear the 'fog within' by answering all questions sent to her at

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Dear Ma'am, I am learning so much from your articles that I look forward to these precious words everyday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and please carry on the same way always.

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I have a little problem, in that whenever I do any special meditation recommend by you for a particular purpose, the first thing that happens is a negative reaction from somewhere or someone, causing an upset, which appears like a setback. But the beautiful part is that after a short while, things settle down again, and I feel that the purpose of the meditation has been achieved.

Can you tell me why I must suffer any setback at all, when I am following your instructions to the letter?

Ashima from New Delhi

Veena Minocha answers: I am grateful that you asked this all important question. I am sure a number of viewers, who are in the same situation would also expect to learn from this answer.

My question to you is as to why do you follow a meditative ritual for solving a problem? It is so, because there is a problem in your life, in the negative of which you are so stuck, that it is not possible for you to move beyond, except through Light and Energy work on yourself.

Take for example, if your car wheels get stuck in a rut, caused by accumulation of wet mud on the road. If you go revving the accelerator, the wheels sink further and further into the muck. But if some powerful person helps you to raise the car a little, then it becomes easier to pull it out. But, it does so with a hard jerk, and a lot of discomfort to the passenger inside, as a lot of energy is required to put it back on the road.

Our lives, when stuck in similar situations, do need a hard push to right themselves, and during that process, we do feel as if we have been yanked out of the comfortable rut that we were settled in. You may get a little bruised in the experience, but eventually you have achieved your goal of moving forward in life.

So when you give intent to move happily forward, then any negative experiences that you have along the way are part of the clearing and cleansing of all the negative energies, that have to go, and be replaced firmly by positive ones.

It is at this point, that many humans give up on their meditations, as they feel disheartened, and cannot see the larger picture at that moment. My recommendation to all who feel this way is to have a little patience, and a lot of trust, that eventually everything will change for the better.

Let this be your motto, "In God I trust, to take me ever higher and higher, unto His Light!"

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