'No sense in Veeru coming one down'
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'No sense in Veeru coming one down'

Surfers debunk the decision of not allowing Sehwag to open with Sachin.

india Updated: Sep 21, 2006 16:40 IST

Well before Indian bowlers won the crucial match against West Indies for India, we asked our surfers what they thought ofdemotionin the batting line-up. Did they think it was responsible for the Indian batting debacle?

Here's what we got.

Ravinder Dahiya of Rohtak, India thought Sehwag showed better form in Tests but thought his demotion was justified.

"Sehwag is in a good form when it comes to Test matches. But I don't see any point in sending him up when he is performing badly in one-day games and more over when India has been losing the first wicket so early."

But Sandeep of New Delhi, India felt Sehwag was meant to open, nothing else.

"Virender Sehwag should open and not be at the third place. He is a striker who punishes the bowlers. Dravid should come at the third spot so that he can play slow and not lose his wicket easily."

"One-day games need batsman who will hit hard in the beginning and give a solid start to the team. Both Dravid and Sachin lack that while Virender has it in good measure."

RK Mehta of New Delhi, India felt the demotion was apt.

"It is incorrect to say it is demotion. He was not performing at the opening slot, so had to be adjusted elsewhere. His performance should be watched and not the number in batting order. If he has talent, he should fit anywhere. Rest is all bahaane-baazi."

Himanshu Shah of Mumbai, India was quite opposed to the idea. He felt we needed players like him to propel the innings from the start.

"Sehwag's demotion is not at all justified as he can be best utilised in field restrictions conditions which was apparent in the rain-affected match with West Indies as they utilised the power play to their optimum and won under Duckworth Lewis method. That way a team has to utilise field restrictions session optimally then only pressure can be built on other team."

Janameer of Saudi Arabia felt he must perform - irrespective of which position he is made to play.

"Sehwag must perform well either as an opening batsman or in the order of 3, 4 or 5. No more excuses for his bad performance please. He should prove his worthiness in any event or get lost."

But Shailesh of Faridabad, India thought the opening slot was best suited for him.

"Tendulkar should open with Sehwag. There is no point of sending Dravid to open. He should come at no 4. Pathan should come at no 3 if there is an early loss of wicket and continue to take advantage of the power play. However, Dhoni should come at no 3 if the opening pair has contributed enough in the beginning. Dravid is not a match winner. He can only play the role of sheet anchor and that's all."

Anurajan Malhotra of Dubai, UAE felt we seem to be experimenting a little too much. He didn't quite like the idea of Sehwag's demotion.

"It is sad that we are still experimenting when the world cup is at hand... it is of paramount importance that the player knows and is confined to his batting position except once in a while, when we actually need to move them around or experiment; however, our experiments are unending!"

"Dravid is good at #3 or #4 to maintain confidence down the line. Sehwag must open with Tendulkar. That is the position he has cast himself into. Why experiment now at the eleventh hour? Is Pathan a bowler or a batsman? By promoting him as a batsman, the coach is only showing him the door as he is neither going to justify his bowling nor his batting and we will lose a good player."

"Is Pawar any comparison to Kumble? What a laugh! Sad state of affairs here... with this kind of an approach, do you really think we will win tournaments? No Sir, the selectors and particularly the coach are fooling themselves!"

SR Pradhan of Ghaziabad, India too was of the opinion that Sehwag was cut out for the opener's position.

"Sehwag should open with Sachin because when he opens up and starts playing his shorts fielders can barely contain him."

"Yes, Sehwag must open the innings because he has the ability to do so," felt Mahesh of New Delhi, India.

Karam of Calgary, Canada too was not quite happy with Sehwag's demotion.

"I think Dravid is getting overconfident about his plans. But I am no way in favour of his decision of letting Sehwag come one down."

Of course there were those who didn't quite like the idea of his being there in the team at all.

"He should be thrown out of the squad," said a rather brusque PS Rawat of New Delhi, India.

While Rixie of New Delhi felt he had become a liability.

"How many times should people of this country remind the selectors to drop Sehwag from the Indian team? He has become a liability," said Rixie, New Delhi, India.

Happy opening then, Sehwag!

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of HindustanTimes.com.

First Published: Sep 21, 2006 12:36 IST