"Oh Mummy, you are just too cute!"

Updated on May 11, 2007 10:02 PM IST
Mishty Varma picks up a few anecdotes from the pages of commoners' diaries, that reflect on the unique persona called mom.
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HindustanTimes.com | ByMishty Varma, New Delhi

Life-Giver, Caretaker and First Lady - Mummy. She brings us up, she teaches us things, she surrounds us with her special brand of Mummy love and we know that nothing can ever hurt us when Mummy is there.

It doesn't end here, though, for there are occasions aplenty when Mummies delight us endlessly. The things they say and do are sometimes so kooky, you just feel like dropping everything and running over to give them a hug for being just so utterly cute. Take a look at the anecdotes below. Aren't Mummies precious?

How mothers encourage us:

"Tum itni nalaayak ho (you are so useless)! Always so busy! You should at least have a nice boyfriend if you don't want to get married". - Mrs Sudha Sachdeva to her daughter, Vibha.

Mothers feed us…

"Mummy, you gave me tinda in my tiffin! I hate tinda!" "Arrey! But you like tinda…" "Mummy, you've known me all my life and in that time, I have never liked tinda! "How strange… when did you stop liking tinda?" "I… never mind." - The author on her mother, Ranjana.

… and clothe us

"One day Mama opened my cupboard and yelled at me "Look at this! You have so many clothes! You don't even wear them! I will get rid of them if you don't wear them soon!" We argued about that for a while and everything calmed down. That evening we got a new maidservant and I called the girl over to give her a couple of my old trousers. Suddenly Mama stormed over and yelled at me for giving my old clothes to the maid." - Anubha Taneja on her mother, Santosh.

Mothers teach us to keep our reputations spotless My classmate came home with me one evening for dinner. Mama took me aside and said that it was not done to have a guy over, what will the neighbours say, and asked me what's going on between me and my friend. I said, 'nothing, he's just a friend!' She said, 'well, if there is nothing between you two, he can't come here anymore.

There's no reason for him to.' I suppose it was a case of date or ditch, hmm? - Professor Ruhi Narvekar on her mother, Sunandini

Mothers never say anything untoward
Except when she totally does. Ma started telling us this horribly obscene joke involving bodily fluids that she had heard at a gathering of her friends. She kept on saying that it is very disgusting - "ai hai, it's so horrible" "chhee, it's so gross". But? Even though her face was red and having spasms, she told us the entire joke, with her eyes closed. She was funnier than the joke. - Ajit Sandhu on his mother, Surabhi.

Mothers make sure we never develop 'bad habits'
I opened a can of beer for my husband and I, and told Mom to have a sip. Mom said, 'if you have one sip you will get into the habit of drinking and become an alcoholic'. - Mrs Tanushree Mathur on her mother, Alka Srivastava.

Mothers give us our first identity
Well, when my mother was pregnant with me, she was having a difficult time deciding on a name. It had to begin with the letter 'G', but they didn't like any of the usual names. She eventually settled on 'Ginger', and left it at that.

When I was about 25 years old, Mom says to me, "You know, I'm still trying to find a good name for you." I goggled at her and thought about it for a moment, then replied, "If you find one you like, let me know and I'll think about it... but I have a feeling you're a little too late on this one."A few years after that, she says "Gael". Yeah, Mom. That really changes things. - Dr Ginger Tansey on her mother.

Really, one cannot celebrate enough these wonderful adorable, delightful women who birthed us and mothered us and have always been there for us in every way possible.

The least we can do is try saying "We love you, Mums!

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