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On the bright path

Actor Smiley Suri’s Mumbai apartment is an extention of her colourful and bubbly self. Mauli Singh visits her heavenly abode.

india Updated: Aug 15, 2009 17:51 IST
Mauli Singh

I am a Bandra girl. I have my own place there in Rizvi Colony but since the building underwent redevelopment and I couldn’t live with my dogs there, I shifted to Yaari Road.

I love my two-bedroom-hall-kitchen flat. After I got this house I signed two films and, professionally, things started moving in a big way. I live here with my two dogs, Mambo and Magic. The gym in my building and the security arrangements are very good. The view from my window is great. The house is very airy and there is a lot of sunlight.

The place you live in should be an extension of yourself. My brother Mohit (Suri) and I are very different. He is very sober and likes subtle hues. I call myself an eternal gypsy. I get bored really fast. If I had my way, I would be constantly painting my walls but I can’t do that in a rented house.

I love playing with colours like orange, yellow and red, which my brother finds jarring. I just love these colours. People say red should be used sparingly because it makes you aggressive and leads to fights in relationships.

But if it is used sparingly (I have only kept red cushions) then it helps you professionally.

I like simple straight lines as I need space to walk around. I like clutter-free houses. I have these cane chairs, which are over 20 years old. My mom had got them from Assam when we were kids. I will never let go of this furniture. It’s intact despite my dogs eating it up from here and there. I get it polished. For me, it has a lot of sentimental value because my mom had bought it. I always say this will go in my dowry (laughs).

I like plants, especially palms. I have kept a jade plant at the entrance of my flat. I have lot of candles at my place too. They say if you light candles, angels come into your house and you automatically start feeling hungry. This is a sign that angels are in your house and want you to eat. I like lighting incense sticks.

Mohit calls me Monica (from the hit sitcom Friends). I like everything in order and clean. For me, cleaning is healing and a clean house is very important.

As told to Mauli Singh, Bollywood News Service