Our Trivial Minds
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Our Trivial Minds

In an electronic generation of ours the Googles, MSNs and Yahoos can actually tell what is collectively on our minds day in and day out, reports Puneet Mehrotra.

india Updated: Dec 22, 2006 17:41 IST

It always interesting to know “the buzz”, to know what’s really “happening” in our small global village. In an electronic generation of ours the Googles, MSNs and Yahoos can actually tell what is collectively on our minds day in and day out. For example how would you react if you were told that Paris Hilton is more important than the dreaded cancer disease or in 2006 Paris Hilton was more in the minds of people than even Hurricane Katrina? Sounds trivial, doesn’t it? Well the collective minds of the world seem rather trivial if we are to go by the search data released by the major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The Top of the Tops 2006

First the data.

Google News - Top Searches in 2006

1. Paris Hilton
2. Orlando Bloom
3. Cancer
4. Podcasting
5. Hurricane Katrina
6. Bankruptcy
7. Martina Hingis
8. Autism
9. 2006 NFL draft
10. Celebrity big brother 2006

Top Searches in MSN



3.Paris Hilton

4.Britney Spears

5.Harry Potter


7.Pamela Anderson

8.Hilary Duff


10.Angelina Jolie

Top 10 Overall Searches in Yahoo

1.Britney Spears



4.Jessica Simpson

5.Paris Hilton

6.American Idol

7.Beyonce Knowles

8.Chris Brown

9.Pamela Anderson

10.Lindsay Lohan

Sense and sensibilities

Our trivial minds

Going by the results of the search engines it seems we are living in heaven. Paris Hilton is the most important person on earth and all seems to be so well on this planet. Consider this in MSN News Search, I repeat the “NEWS” search, Paris Hilton is at no. 4 and Tom Cruise is at 6. North Korea is at no. 8!

Style over substance

Bloodshed seems no longer important. Day in day out an entire country in agony seems no longer important to the web surfer. North Korea missile crisis isn’t important either. Paris Hilton’s dresses and another P’s big Bs take precedence over issues far more serious and Britney Spear’s divorce is far more an important issue than anything else happening in the world.

The Last Word

We are living in an electronic generation. Web is still the “other” media in many a media planners’ agenda yet a very very powerful tool for spreading your message and getting heard. The kind of activism that has happened for important causes is simply unbelievable. Yet as we look at this media collectively it seems trivia is what’s in our collective minds. I really wish atleast the Top News searches would have something serious. It is rather disheartening that Paris Hilton figures on top in most lists and Hurricane Katrina or Iraq seem no longer important to the collective conscience of we the people. In 2006 style has ruled over substance. I really wish it was the other way round. Clearly there were far more important things happening on earth.

Puneet Mehrotra is a web strategist at www.cyberzest.com and edits www.thebusinessedition.com you can email him on puneet@cyberzest.com

First Published: Dec 22, 2006 17:41 IST