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Pak must act with restraint, shun violence

Vir Sanghvi in Prodigal Daughter (December 30) brought out many important aspects of Benazir Bhutto’s life.

india Updated: Jan 05, 2008 22:54 IST

Hindustan Times

Vir Sanghvi in Prodigal Daughter (December 30) brought out many important aspects of Benazir Bhutto’s life. Her fall and rise and assassination has shocked the world. She returned to Pakistan for the sake of the people, but anti-democratic forces killed her for their self-interest, which is a setback for the restoration of democracy. Pakistan is in a political crises after her assassination. People must act with restraint and shun the violence as it will endanger the process of restoration of democracy.
Bhagwan Thadani, Mumbai

Vir Sanghvi appropriately looks at the career of daddy’s girl unsentimentally. The current state of affairs in Pakistan and Afghanistan is largely due to America’s intimidating tactics, the so-called sole superpower having acted with much aplomb bordering on arrogance, just to checkmate the former Soviet Union since the end of the Cold War. After Ayub Khan’s coup in 1958, Pakistan was not allowed to be a genuine democracy, what with the army calling the shots and the US breathing down the necks of the wearers of the jackboot. Bhutto became a willing pawn and paid with her life.
MKD Prasada Rao, via e-mail

Though some of the readers may consider Vir Sanghvi’s analysis of Benazir Bhutto as uncharitable and untimely, I believe throughout her political career, she had been an immature enthusiast and neither a seasoned politician nor a shrewd diplomat. Her Oxford background failed to make any positive mark on her career. When out of office, she blamed the Pakistani rulers for the spread of terrorism, but as Prime Minister she did nothing significant to eliminate the menace.
Ved Guliani, Hissar

False contradiction
Apropos Modification of politics (December 30), Karan Thapar must develop journalistic ethics before writing in newspapers. Through this article, he has also showcased his lack of intellect and analytical skills. The readers can infer that he is a slavish stooge of Sonia Gandhi. The last paragraph of the article must be taken into serious consideration for its arrogant attitude and devilish content. Thapar should know that a democratically elected tall leader like Modi cannot be politically removed suddenly. Our nation has been under the siege of intellectual terrorism by Marxists, secularists, Islamic terrorism and by missionaries and biased editors. And Thapar is a classic example of a media terrorist.
BR Haran, Chennai

It is ridiculous that Thapar is suggesting that Sonia Gandhi eliminates the person coming in the way of her style of working. Is Thapar the agent forcing this change? I feel Thapar is a fascist and he is giving ideas like how Pak’s military rulers isolate democratically elected opponents. It’s natural in a democracy where differences of opinion and personality clashes take place. But so far no one has expressed the view to remove anyone undemocratically. The BJP should take legal action against Thapar and HT.
TC Govindan, Chennai