Passionista or Miss Mannered?
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Passionista or Miss Mannered?

Which one are you? Play this quiz to find out whether you an adventurous, enthusiastic or just plain boring gal.

india Updated: Jun 13, 2010 02:13 IST
Hindustan Times

When it comes to achieving your goals, you:
Set the bar lowish — who wants to be disappointed?
(b) Pity the fool who tries to stop you from getting what you want.
(c) Aim high and revise downward if necessary.

Most impulsive thing you could imagine doing (or have done) with a guy is:
Drunk-dialing him.
(b) Going on a trip with him after two weeks of dating.
(c) Moving in with him in the first month.

When you and a guy disagree on something, you:
Get a kick out of pushing his buttons, but stay respectful of his views.
(b) Refuse to back down, even if you create more drama than Kate Winslet.
(c) Drop the subject.

In your downtime, you’re most likely to:
Spend hours engrossed in a new hobby, work project, or relationship.
(b) Try new activities, like art classes and wine tastings, in addition to the sports and hobbies you’ve always loved.
(c) Just chill with friends and family, whatever takes your mind off work.

Can you be in love with two guys at once?
Probably not. You choose to get involved with one man at a time.
(b) No. You give a guy your head and heart.
(c) Sure. You can’t always control whom you fall for, but you choose who will make you happiest long-term.

If you strike three or more (a)
Balanced Passionista
: Fortune favours the brave, and baby, you’ve hit the jackpot. You don’t let fear of failure dissuade you from adventure, such as taking a vacation with a new guy or reaching an important career goal. And if they don’t deliver the payoff you’d hoped for, it’s on to bigger and better things.

If you strike three or more (b)
Go-to-Extremes Girl: Hot damn, you’re a fiery one. You’re consumed by the thrill of new experiences and relationships. But because you’re so intense, your enthusiasm often flames out quickly. Devoting yourself to a new hobby 24/7 may feel exciting, but it’s important to consider if these things are aligned with your long-term goals. Adopt a more measured pace to find what your heart really desires.

If you strike three or more (c)
Too-Tempered Chick: You may have been taught that polite women aren’t audacious or rash. Well, Miss Mannered, they’re not a hell of a lot of fun either. So, here’s your permission to boldly go after what you want. Sign up for a class that’s always intrigued you or pursue a career you’ve been dreaming about. In relationships, never settle for safe. Pursue guys
with whom you feel a real spark, not just ones you feel comfortable with.

Courtesy: Cosmopolitan India

First Published: Jun 12, 2010 17:27 IST