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Polio or not, he writes his future

Sudhansu Sekhar Dash is a source of inspiration as he writes his High School Certificate examination with only two polio-affected fingers on his right hand, reports Soumyajit Pattnaik.
None | By Soumyajit Pattnaik, Bhubaneswar
UPDATED ON JUL 13, 2007 04:20 AM IST

In these days when Class X scores of over 90 per cent are common all round, a mere second division should not merit much attention.

But not when you consider the case of Sudhansu Sekhar Dash. Sudhansu wrote his High School Certificate examination with only two polio-affected fingers on his right hand. Both his arms have polio.

The Raghabapur villager in Kendrapara district got a second division and is preparing to enter Marsaghai College in Bhubaneswar for further studies. He wants to be a doctor.

His parents, Pravat Chandra Dash and Bidulata, had always feared for Sudhansu's future. They are somewhat relieved to see him cross the first major academic hurdle.

Pravat Chandra is a priest at the Dadhibamanjew temple. He recalled that they had "initially faced many problems in placing Sudhansu in a school. But after starting his classes, he was able to write like others within five years. Many school teachers and friends also encouraged Sudhansu to hone his writing skills".

Apart from studies, Sudhansu manages to do various chores himself.

It was lack of awareness that made his parents neglect polio doses in his childhood. His mother Bidulata recollected that they spent whatever they could "by selling two acres of agriculture land for Sudhansu's medical treatment.

But he could not be cured. Both his arms were affected. But with determination, he passed the high school examination".

Sudhansu said, "Initially I started writing Oriya and English alphabets. Gradually, I could hold a pen and pencil and practice helped me to write like other students".

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