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Surreptitious reading of smutty magazines are passe. Home-grown sleaze fest is the latest buzz, writes Sidhi Chadha.

india Updated: Dec 30, 2006 17:16 IST
Sidhi Chadha
Sidhi Chadha

From bedroom to public eye... Things are turning smutty in the land of Kamasutra. Smutty magazines with vulgar pictures stashed surreptitiously by the neighbourhood vendors are passé. Today, easy access is the name of the game. Its multiple manifestations aided by technology have hotted up the scene.

For thrill seekers the menu is becoming rarer and more exotic, courtesy digital technology and Bollywood stepping in, there’s an implosion of things smutty and sexciting. So, it is not just limited to MMS clips of Bollywood stars — Koena-Fardeen, Ashmit-Riya, Kareena-Shahid kiss that tell tales — there’s more sleaze fest with home videos of the ordinary and the extraordinary gaining popularity.

Author Shobhaa De feels, “It is a sick, distorted and perverted attitude to sex. It is the fastest growing segment in the porn mart today, mainly because modern technology has facilitated its proliferation. It is also the most lethal social menace, merely a gross misuse of technology.”

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who made Kalyug on the booming porn industry, has a different take on the subject. “There’s nothing degrading in displaying of any part of the human body. And those who are embarrassed or offended by it, are damaged by ideology.”

In the wake of the porn boom, some sexologists claim that ‘desi porn’ should be made legal and classified as an educational and therapeutic tool.

Sexologist Prakash Kothari reasons, “We need to realise that there is not much awareness about sex in our country and so Indians resort to erotica — be it for pleasure be it to improvise skills. Indians are ignorant and so the misuse is happening as we can see.”

According to an Asian Network Report, Asia is a multi-million pound goldmine for X-rated business. In the Capital alone, the porn industry is growing by the day — Palika Bazaar being the hotspot for such sleazy stuff.

A Palika shopkeeper says, “India is the hub of erotica lovers. But of late, preference for homemade videos over the ones that stars porn actors has become quite popular. As far as profit margin is concerned, our earning is almost equivalent to regular movies.”

Bootylicious babe Koena Mitra, blasts prudish Indians. “We sell what the audience wants to buy. And there’s no denying that people love watching such stuff. Ours is a hypocritical society, people indulge in such things and then deny it at the same time. If you like it then admit it. Why fear?” she says.

The verdict, whether you like it or not, India’s XXX-factor is certainly on rise. And our advice: draw your curtains!

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First Published: Dec 30, 2006 17:16 IST