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Sachin decoded: how he plays cricket

Equipment matters and the little master makes sure he doesn’t fall short on this aspect. While Sunil Gavaskar never wore a helmet, the other great batsman, Tendulkar is never seen without one even while batting against the spinners. Tendulkar after 35

india Updated: Oct 10, 2013 18:46 IST
Hindustan Times

(This story was first published on 16th March, 2012. Some facts may have changed.)

While Sunil Gavaskar never wore a helmet, the other great batsman, Tendulkar is never seen without one even while batting against the spinners. A Tricolour is always stamped above the BCCI crest and there’s always a grille to protect his face, which was hit by Waqar Younis in 1989 even though he continued batting then despite bloodying his nose. His first tour of England in 1990 is the only time when he spent significant period on the crease without a helmet. After being pushed up the order in ODIs in the mid-90s, the headgear became a compulsion. Besides protection, it keeps him in the zone as frequent changing of headgear can be distracting. His helmet usually has a screw at the back to help him adjust it according to the requirement.


Sunil Gavaskar marked a young Sachin Tendulkar, who was then playing junior cricket in Mumbai, for special treatment by gifting him a pair of Ultralite Morrant pads. The little master got hooked to them immediately and still uses the make. The pads are light and when the ball hits them, it ricochets far enough for him to collect a leg-bye. Such is his preference for these pads that in a one-day series in the early stages of his career, he sprayed blue colour on his Test pads because his ODI kit lacked the type he needed. The foam of these pads is made in Germany, the exterior and finish is made in Ireland and it is put together in England.

Prefers the half spikes with metal studs around the toes and rubber studs elsewhere. Even while bowling and fielding, he doesn’t wear full spikes.

The weight of his bat ranges from 1250 to 1300 gm. Though still using a heavy bat, he's cut down the weight following injuries. He likes his bat curved — a sword-like curve. His bat has thick edges, heavy bottom & its back is filled. All this helps him to time the ball well & in playing shots on the up. The thick round handle gives him a good grip.

Tendulkar suffered tennis elbow seven years back on his top hand (left one) and had to undergo shockwave treatment. Wears a brace on his right hand to avoid strain. Dons elbow guard only on bouncy tacks.

Like other things, his gloves are also custom-made. The specifications vary from time to time. Sometimes, in the case of a niggle or while facing genuine quick bowlers, he opts for extra protection. The manufacturers of his gloves say that there is a crazy demand for his kind of gloves. Almost all buyers approach them for Tendulkar’s gloves and they have to make it for them as per their

First Published: Mar 16, 2012 16:27 IST